Wednesday, March 17, 2010

From the beginning....

Okay, so here it is. WE ARE PREGNANT! Well, I'm pregnant. Yeah, weird I know. Not sure if reality has set in. All I can say is that we are so excited!! For the juicy details - yes, we wanted to get January in fact. I know, I know, pregnant all summer. BUT this works out perfect for work and holidays. I'll get back to everyone when I'm fat and DYING of heat exhaustion and sleeping with a bag of ice. So, how did we find out? Well, for the first time ever, I suspected something. I tested way early and got a liiighhht pink line. Then the anxiety set in for the next 3 days. I couldn't convince myself the line was getting darker each day. I was sure I was imagining it since I wanted to be pregnant. So, on Friday, Feb 12, I got the BFP (big fat positive)! There was no mistaking this line, and the digital one said yes too. I waited till Andrew got home from work that day and gave him the pee stick in a cutely-wrapped Valentines box. Passing it off as early V-day candy, he opened it nonchalantly. When he saw it, he was beaming, and just hugged me. And here we are! The last few weeks have been -um- interesting. I'm never sick, so being quite sick has been hard for me.

How far along?: 9 weeks
How big is baby?: the size of a grape :) or 1 inch
Weight gain?: Yeah, I think about 2-3 lbs. but it's probably from eating only carbs...(oops). for some reason I felt it was appropriate to act like weight watchers never existed the second I found out.
Maternity Clothes?: mom bought me my first! 4 shirts from GAP that I won't wear yet. (even though I'll probably wear them before I even need to)

Stretch Marks?: I'm sure I will look super stripey by the end of this. just my luck.
Sleep?: ehh, not so great. mostly because of my deadly 8 day cold/sinus/laryngitis/nonsense I'm getting over.
Best moment this week?: getting to week 9! I'm so grateful.
Movement?: huh?

Food cravings?: breakfast. french toast. pancakes. doughnuts. anything that basically makes my butt bigger than my stomach at this point.
Aversions?: steak. chicken. seafood. pork. bleck!
Gender?: not one person has said I will have a girl. not one. let's try to prove them wrong!
Belly button in or out?: innie
What I miss most?: feeling great and energized. zumba. unlimited caffeine.
What I'm looking forward to?: April 7. I will end my first trimester and get to go to my next Dr. appt.

Milestones: our first ultrasound, and seeing the heart beating at 7wks 2dys.

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