Monday, January 21, 2013

inside our house




Come on in. Yes, Christmas was packed up a few weeks ago. It’s now the month of many birthdays and also the month of cleaning and reorganization. But my favorite times are tickle attacks my room, when the light pours in in the afternoon. Little girls who want shoes on and off, on and off, repeat, repeat. Oh, and don’t forget about warm winter dinners.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

the moon is far away


On Monday, I picked up my girl from school and she said "the moon is BIG" and "the moon is far away!". That girl has been listening. She has been enjoying story time, her classroom, and her teachers. I love it when she comes home from school and has soaked it in like a big, empty sponge. I love her face after she makes the proclamation, so proud, so embarrassed.

A few other gems this week include her standing up in the middle of watching the movie Tangled and proclaiming "I AM THE LOST PRINCESS!" of course, in her toddler accent.

Andrew and I TRYING to have a conversation: "GUYS! DISTEN!" (listen).

We also had her parent teacher conference this week and found out she knows the schedule by heart, makes a fuss if it is not followed, and sets the napkins out for snack time (without being asked) and calls everyone over to eat. She also tells her friends (and the teachers :-/) where and when to sit down, be quiet, and eat. Oh lawdy!

She speaks up when I turn the "wrong" way out of daycare (we normally turn a certain way, sometimes I take a different way home), when I forget her Claritin, her jacket, or her glasses.
This little girl has be reigned in from trying to be in charge!

Additionally, I have NO idea where she gets this schedule-driven, type-A personality!

No idea.

Not one.


Monday, January 7, 2013

2013, here we come!



Like I said, I was pretty sad when this weekend started and there was no more family dinners and no more warm fires and full houses.  We celebrated the new year by eating junk, playing games, and enjoying each other’s last few days together.

I guess I don’t REALLY make resolutions, but more like thoughts in my head about things I’d like to do this coming year. For me, it’s more like in the next 6 months, because that is about as far as my little brain can handle. And the other thing is, I don’t like to to share them. I hate it when people are like “today starts my diet!” or announcing all the things that they are giving up at the new year and walking into the next few months of misery because they can’t have soda anymore. Some of mine are family related, money related, health related, just personal and I feel good about them. You won’t know if I’ve reached them because you won’t know I set them. :)

I do, however think it’s a great time to look inward and also to reflect on accomplishments, and ask yourself if you like where your life is headed. Do you like where your life is headed? I like mine. I LOVE mine. I also love that there are some big parts to my story that I don’t know yet. And that is so scary and exciting at the same time.


Sunday, January 6, 2013

the last of Christmas and spending the weekend with my girl

The long weekend has been devoted to getting all the Christmas stuff out of the house, decluttering, cleaning, and spending at home time with my girl. Andy has finally gotten to have some garage time with his new table saw, new drill, and some music and I think he is enjoying himself a little too much out there. I’m glad he is getting some practice in the garage with shelves, because my shoes are going to need a place to live pretty soon here :)

My baby has taken some really long naps this weekend, which have completely stopped his drilling and sawing cold for multiple hours a day. Such a good hunny to let the baby sleep just when the project is getting interesting! And an even better hunny because right now (during the playoff game), he is grocery shopping. Wow, he loves me.

Anyhoo, I’m trying to get these Christmas pictures up before they get lost in everything else…I took engagement pics of my brother and his wife this weekend and I’m SO excited about them. I will share them…I have taken photos for a few people over the past few months, but decided not to share them here, since it’s not relative to my family. But these…ohhh I can’t wait! Now they have gone home and I am seriously missing family time, good food, and a full house :-(

IMG_3557IMG_3566IMG_3570IMG_3571IMG_3575IMG_3580IMG_3576IMG_3583IMG_3585IMG_3590IMG_3592IMG_3593IMG_3421IMG_3595IMG_3425IMG_3433IMG_3422IMG_3426IMG_3607 copy

Sorry for some of the CRAPtastic photos…I clearly hate shooting in low light.


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