Friday, January 20, 2012

ten little things

Fifteen months old.
Wow. We are not really counting months anymore (since we got to the big O-N-E) and when people ask how old you are, I kinda stumble because I forget where we are.
For breakfast these days, you like to have cinnamon sugar toast and some blueberries or strawberries. I just introduced you to raisin toast and I knew it was going to be a big hit.
You are very happy in the mornings, and complain about nothing as I hustle the two of us through the morning routine. Sometimes I’m hurried and stressed, but you willingly participate in all the nonsense without a peep. You wait patiently as I gather the last of things that need to go in the car. You point to things and try to name them, or sometimes walk around saying “daaaa-daaaaaa…..?” very quietly, wondering if he is hiding somewhere in the dark morning house.
Your favorite time is outside time or playing in your room. We were getting quite the collection of toys in the common areas, and I decided to make an area for toys in your room. I’m having a hard time transitioning to a big girl room, but slowly we will get there. Nine times out of ten, you are at your bookshelf anyway, looking for the perfect book or going through each one slowly until you have made a mountain around you.
We went to the park for the first time last weekend. You took it very seriously. But you are SO big. You really want to play with the much bigger kids (like 5th graders) and don’t understand why mommy won’t let you.
Your favorite new word is no. Unfortunately, it’s about the cutest “no” mommy and daddy have ever heard. We hold in our giggles everytime. It’s more like a “nyo”, and you say it so sweetly because I’m not sure you really get it yet.
It will come.
Sometimes there’s a “NYO. Nyo, nyo, nyo.” I kinda die from the cuteness each time.
You know the hand motions to Itsy Bitsy Spider, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, and You are my Sunshine, and we do them all frequently. Singing relaxes and you and stops you from crying. I wish we would have been savvy to this when you were like a month old. It would have saved us a whole lotta sleep.
A favorite in the whole world right now is “Boo!”. You will interrupt any conversation with it, say it with food in your mouth, say it to strangers, and say it 46 times until we respond appropriately. Grammy and Poppa found out what the appropriate response was the hard way. You get really mad if someone says Boo back to you. What you want is for us to act scared. Extra loud shrieking gets extra belly laughs from you. You especially like it when we throw our bodies back or cover our faces in terror. Awesome.
I just realized this week that you need the next size diaper. C’mon, really?! Can’t we just stay in this size? Can’t you just go back to 6 month clothing. Nyoooooo. Don’t want to buy size four dipees! Waaa!
You started saying bless you when we sneeze. “blehb ooo” you say quietly while looking at us with a little grin. Oh, heavens.

photgraphed with my canon 40D and my 35mm 2.0 lens


Shane said...

Your daughter is precious as can be!

xo Shane

Sugardrive said...

What a big girl she is getting to be!!! You can really see it in the pic of her next to your door!

Jen + Jeff said...

I always love the photos you post. They really show the personality in your daughter. This is such a great age!

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