Friday, June 18, 2010


*This was written with great intent to be posted on/around/before Father's Day. But, because I'm retarded, here I am 10 days later posting it. It's still meaningful to me! *

I wanna talk about Daddys. Because Father's day is coming up and my hubby is going to turn into a Daddy and my Daddy is going to turn into a Grampy and I just think that is soo cool!! These are two of the most important people in my life. And although I am excited for me to be a mommy, I am so excited for them too! I didn't do this for mother's day, but mom: this just reinforces the fact that dad's my favorite :) My daddy was very involved with my life and learning growing up and I know that Andy will be just the same with his little ones. From walking to riding a bike, to science fair projects. I mean-who else would have painted my room everytime I needed a 'theme change' or when I wanted him to fix my stuff? My dad has been such an integral part of who I am and I just can't wait to see that relationship blossom between our baby girl and her daddy. Daddy, I love you. Thank you for being who you are and loving me for all of me, no matter what. You are the best. Sweet Andy Bear, thank you for being my baby daddy (haha) and supporting me through everything. Can't wait for us to meet our precious girl!

Teaching me how to change a tire. Do I know how? I will never claim to... :)

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


It's a little precious (bratty), sweet (sour), adorable (devious) little baby girl! I CANNOT believe it...we cannot believe it. Andrew and I swore that it was a boy, but I think I was still holding out hope for the possibility of a little girl :)

But, all in all, we are SO EXCITED and HAPPY! Since I haven't posted in a while we have actually had 2 ultrasounds. The first one was just a quick one to determine gender. That's when we found it it was a girl. The second appointment was my 2nd Trimester Anatomy Scan, which actually verifies the gender again, and yup, she's a girl! That's the first question that Andrew asked was if she was "still a girl". Hehe. (I'm still thinking he is under the impression that she is going to sprout a wiener overnight or something)!

Since I've posted, a lot of growing has been going on! Our Anatomy Scan went great, and mom went with me to my appointment, since Andy had to work. We saw and heard the heartbeat, the chambers of the heart, the spine, brain, and large bones. We also got a good profile picture, with the little "Who" nose and a head that looks more normal shaped now, instead of like an astronaut! :) She was very active during the scan, and was also cuddled up against the placenta with one arm up and one leg up. She looked so peaceful and sweet in there, it was really exciting to be able to 'see' her again after waiting a few weeks!

Tons of kicks, jabs, and twisting going on in there; I really thought that when we saw her she was going to have her umbilical cord wrapped around her 800 times. I really love to feel it though, it's my daily confirmation/wake up.

I almost forgot to mention that we did have one area of minor concern during the ultrasound. The tech says that I have a 'low lying placenta', which means that the placenta attatched itself to the uterus near the bottom. This can lead to placenta previa, which can be dangerous later in the pregnancy and during delivery of the baby. Since you usually do not get 'diagnosed' with placenta previa this early, they continue to monitor the position of the placenta and baby to ensure that it moves up for safe delivery. Only 1 in 200 actually suffer from it, so I hope she finds her way to a higher spot! I'll keep this updated with status on that, but she did say this earns me another ultrasound :)

How far along?: 21 weeks
How big is baby?: as long as a carrot! 10 1/2 inches long, almost a full pound!
Weight gain?: About 10 pounds now! I'm feeling it.
Maternity Clothes?: Maternity pants only, some days I will brave it and wear regular stretchy jeans with the BeBand if I don't want to wear the maternity jeans. Weekend clothes include leggings with tunics, work out pants, or dresses.
Stretch Marks?: Please PLEASE don't attack my belly. Nothing yet.
Sleep?: Successfully purchased the SNOOGLE :) Sleep is good!
Best moment this week?: Since it's been awhile, I'll count the last few weeks, and that was most definitely seeing baby and finding out she's a girl!!!!
Movement?: Tons. Even when I'm eating. Andrew has felt it once, but very faintly. Can't wait until he can join in more. He actually put his ear on my belly and listened and heard tons of thumping around in there!
Food cravings?: The other night, I wanted a big, soft cookie. So I sent my poor husband to Carl's Jr. It was sooo good :)
Aversions?: I finally ate chicken! It was good, and I think I am progressing to normal eating habits. Certain things about chicken still gross me out. I'm very selective now. White meat only, freshly cooked, not from fast food, cut thin, seasoned appropriately.
Gender?: GIRL!!
Belly button in or out?: Innie. I don't think it will pop out, it's very deep.
What I miss most?: Feeling thin/tan/flexible.
What I'm looking forward to?: Starting to 'design' the nursery, finding a name for our baby girl.
Milestones: Gender, belly growing another inch, Andy feeling a little kick.

It's a girl :)

Ok, so here's the measurement.

Baby girl's first blanket; I ordered from cute!

Me in the office @ 21 weeks :)

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