Sunday, August 22, 2010

31 Weeks

Baby, baby, baby! Man I just can't wait for my little girl to arrive! It's all I've been thinking about. I'm officially down to single digits (only 9 weeks left) until the big day. Don't even mention the 'O' word (OVERDUE). Because I'm not even entertaining the idea.

Right now my precious husband is in the garage painting baby girl's shelf. I have to say I'm happy I have someone to do all the dirty work. I mean honey do's. I mean shit jobs. :) Although I'm not ready for the nursery reveal, here's some progress

Who really has this many cords/wires/plugs? Don't even know what they go to!

Carpets cleaned.

Wall painted.

How far along?: 31 weeks. 9 to go!
Weight gain?: um, er, I forgot. I mean 10 lbs. Okay, okay 27 pounds! Aghhh!!

Maternity Clothes: Yes, and some of my maternity clothes don't fit! I have some shirts that are becoming midrifs, so my selection is dwindling. Week days: any bottoms I can fit over my butt, long shirt, necklace, flipflops/sandals. Weekends: leggings, yoga pants, work out pants, long tees, flipflops.
Stretch Marks?: OMG! I was prepared for the belly. But the thighs and butt? Please STOP!
Sleep?: Pretty good. Have to say I can't complain. I love you, Snoogle!
*Notice* I'm removing the gender question because it ain't gonna change
Food cravings?: I eat everything.
Belly Button?: Still my biggest amusement. My peircing scar is about an inch above the actual spot where it should be...holy stretching!
What I miss the most?: Being cool, clothes that fit, not taking 3 mins to get off the couch
What I'm looking forward to?: Seeing baby! Baby shower!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

30 Weeks!

This was such a big week for us! It was so much better than last week, I knew things could only get better for my emotional state ;)

We had our 30 week ultrasound/scan. This scan was SO exciting because we basically got tons of "face time" with our little girl! Of course they do measurements, check for problems, etc, but it was an amazing experience for us. It was one step closer to getting to meet her. Andrew was absolutley floored by the images we were seeing because it's hard to imagine that there's a cute little baby under this big BUMP of mine :) We held hands and I held back tears as she wriggled around and totally misbehaved for the technician. She kept saying "be still, baby!". But baby girl was doing her normal circus act in my belly and making all the 4D photos nice and blurry! I have moved to appointments every 2 weeks now (wow, getting close!) and I'm not sure how many more ultrasounds I will get. She is still a girl, which is good, because the nursery wall is PINK! :)

I will share pictures of the nursery when we get the decorations up, last week we cleaned the carpets, painted one wall pink, and assembled all the furniture. Actually, hubs did. I will be in charge of decor! I still need to get: a rug, a small table for next to the glider, curtains, and wall decor. It really looks like a nursery now and that is so exciting!

Another subject that I haven't talked about is CHILDBIRTH CLASSES! We just finished up our 3rd week (of 6) and it has been really fun and informative. Our teacher is great, and she is also a certified lactation consultant, so she will be a great resource for us in the future, if needed. She is extremely caring and open and it's been nice having an expert to talk with about concerns. The other thing that is nice about the class is that there are 13 other couples who are new parents just like us, going through the exact same thing, and asking alot of questions that we too, were curious about. We've already had a visit from a nutritionist (BLAH!), a CHP officer for proper carseat installation, and an anesthetist (epidural guy)! Very informative. What I also really like about these classes is the weekly opportunity to sufficiently freak out and gross out my husband! When the teacher mentions we are going to talk about mucous plugs or vaginal discharge, I grin in delight because for once, I am not the one grossing him out :) I can't wait until I see his reaction next week when we watch real, live birth videos! I'm hoping he's not one to pass out :)

It's also time to start thinking about my Birth Plan, and how I am going to prepare for the labor process. I'm just gonna say now that I'm an epidural supporter! I plan on getting one and hope that it is what works best for me. On the other hand, I am not commonly in support of the use of "drugs" or medications. I do not take any normally and think that any person should do what they can to use other methods of relief than medications, especially for long term use. But I am sane and do realize that labor and delivery is intense and the use of an epidural can greatly reduce pain and stress levels. You choose your battles, I guess.

Ok, lets get to the GOOD STUFF.
Meet Little Miss Cutie Pants Smosna! 29 weeks, 6 days. 3lb, 7 oz - 77th percentile on the growth chart!

Another really EXCITING thing about this week is that THIS showed up on my doorstep!

Graco Flipit Travel System (Emery)

I was so excited! Not only because it was a gift, but because it's from my little (tiny, baby) brother who is in AFGHANISTAN right now! Of anyone, I would not expect him to be worrying about ME, nonetheless SEND GIFTS!! So special. I am so thankful to have a wonderful family. It's still hard for me to believe that he is an adult (21) and has his own job, money, and is responsible :) This means so much to us and Andy and I had a fun time figuring out how to work it. Good thing we have a 'Carseat Workshop' with a CHP officer on Sat, August 28th. He will use our own carseat and cars and show us everything we need to know!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

29 Weeks- Watch out for the waterworks!

WOW is all I can say about this past week...I thought I was normally a pretty sane person who deals with things well - until the past few days. Let's blame it on the baby :)

I'm feeling good overall, the weather has really cooled down over the past few days (like from 110 to 103 now) and the humidity isnt as bad, so that helps me feel less swollen. But hubby has been working a crazy schedule (it's harder on me than it is on him, I think), and my own job has gotten quite busy. On top of this, we had a 911 situation at work that caused me to have to run out of the building screaming. Everything was ok in the end, after the smoke cleared. But I had no idea I could run so fast in heels with this baby attatched to me :) Later that day, I noticed that I had been feeling decreased baby movement the past day and a half, and hoped that it was a result of just being busy and not paying enough attention. But not 5 mins later after I mentioned it to hubs, the waterworks started. I felt like a leaky faucet and couldnt stop crying. I just couldnt help it. I didnt want my baby to be stressed or sick or anything and I felt like I had done something wrong. I left work so that I could just get myself back together and lay down, drink some juice, and do all the movement tests I had learned at childbirth class. She started moving again like normal, and even got the hiccups :) I think she must have moved positions because the kicks are more like rolling and pulsing now, and not in the same spot they have been ever since 17 weeks. My dream come true of a mother even came over and cooked my dinner and DID THE DISHES! Don't ask what I did to deserve it. But even better than that, she brought cookies for dessert. I love my family. They are so good to me.

This isn't all though. Saturday I cried like 3x because I told my husband he was being grumpy with me. He probably wasnt. It's the baby's fault.

Today on my way to work, I ran out of gas. NEVER in my life have I run out of gas. On a street that doesnt have a bike lane. So I was blocking the right lane with flashers on and NOT ONE PERSON stopped to help. I was outside of my car trying to call someone and the cars just drove around. Took all I had not to just cry and go home for the day. If hubs would have said anything when he pulled up, it woulda been OVER for me. But he didnt :)
Hopefully none of this is a peek into the my overall sanity for the remainder of motherhood. I'd like to say that I can get through a week without crying, nonetheless an upwards of 6 times!

Remember this hot bod? Yeah, me neither.

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