Sunday, February 5, 2012

instagram sunday


Happy Superbowl Sunday!

My dad can tell you how I used to hate Superbowl weekend because it generally fell on my birthday weekend.  I thought football was pointless and boring growing up. I’ve mostly forgiven it… but probably because it’s not happening on my birthday weekend anymore. Now I can just look at it as a day to eat good food :)




More importantly- our week:




six-thirty a.m.


How do I Love You? Let me count the ways…




my staple outfit (white shirt, dark jeans, brown boots) with a touch of stripes added


breaking in the Naked 2 Palette




desert love


hunny’s garden surprises




afternoon walks


SO big!




things I loved about my birthday:

handmade, personalized card with all my favorite elements; pink, white, glitter, rhinestones, embossing, dry embossing, scallops, BAM!


hub’s special pancakes and coffee at o’dark thirty



Jen + Jeff said...

Happy birthday! I just got the Naked 2 and am loving it! Do you have the Naked one too? I may have a slight make-up obsession.

Jenni@Story of My Life said...

Happy belated birthday Wendy!! And thanks for linking up. Your little one is seriously so cute. :)

kathryn said...

Happy belated birthday Wendy...can't believe you are already 26 years old...and I'll bet the best is yet to come...(^:

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