Tuesday, March 27, 2012

moving + bits and pieces

Our house is pretty much a disaster zone right now. We are moving this weekend for sure. Every evening, lunch hour, and free moment has been filled with cleaning, packing, errands, or thinking how much we need to be cleaning or packing.

Life has been full, and busy, which is good. We are so excited to be in our new house. I can’t wait to see how Miss Pea deals with all the change. We are going to try to make it as smooth as possible for her.

My real camera is somewhere, a place where it will sit until we move and get settled. I get overwhelmed with too many things and I can’t function creatively. So there it sits. Until then, iPhone, baby.



Let me tell you a little story. Andrew sews. I do not. The end.


I have somebody who loves me that is filling up my Starbucks collection. I love it.



Mom took me out for a breather and we went to coffee, shopping, and browsed the spring flowers at Home Depot right now. Maybe the husband can keep some alive at the new house?


Books are still her favorite. She is getting so big and even the paperback ones that I have “hidden” from her on the top shelf are now within her reach. A whole shelf full of different toys and she always goes straight to the bookshelf. I love her.



Cousin time on Friday. Aren’t they so sweet in the wagon together? I must have gotten lucky because Paisley fell asleep easily and then about 15 mins later, this was Miss Lou at the lunch table. Two girls, two hour naps, at the same time. That is the way you do it!




Watching Dora together.


She always goes to her closet and gets her shoes at random times during the day in hopes that I will take her outside. I was thinking today how much I miss her and think about her during the day when she is at daycare and I am at work right down the street. I still love picking her up everyday and still smell her sweet breath right before I drop her off and right when I pick her up. I ask her if she missed me and she says “dah!” (yeah!) as she smiles and tilts her head to her shoulder a bit as if she knows she’s being sweet.



Friday morning out of my living room window. Baby sleeping. Lights off. Pink light filling the living room while I drink my coffee. Yes.



Her very favorite thing to do- “BUBBLES!!!”…

until things don’t go her way. This seems to be a theme lately.



It’s kinda like the topknot, baby version.


When daddy works late, we have breakfast for dinner. It truly is Pea’s favorite. She gets super excited and starts inhaling it before I can even get seated. Mama’s girl.




My love reading to my little love.


We finally went in for the dreaded allergy skin test. I’ll spare everyone the photo of the results because it even makes me cringe. Remembering her poor little cries as they poked her on each number on her back and then seeing her skin react to some of the allergens… :( Tree nuts were the biggest reactor with cats and dogs coming in next. Oh, boy – we didn’t know about the tree nuts in ADDITION to the eggs. Poor baby.




Baby yoga.






On our walk last week.


On the way to work.




Had to go in to work earlier than normal the other day. The sky greeted me.


In my purse. I think I have a problem. I couldn't fit them all in the picture.



My reaction to hearing we will get keys tomorrow. Real mature.




Saturday, March 17, 2012



I’m a morning lounger. When I wake up, the ideal picture of my morning would include Madeline Peyroux playing softly, eating breakfast and sipping on coffee slowly, and preferably all of this would happen on the patio. Mornings are my favorite, and I feel like I can base the entire day on my morning experience. I don’t like to get dressed or get a shower until I have done the appropriate amount of all of the above.


Update: Immediately after I typed this paragraph, I dropped a fully cup of coffee on the kitchen tile, the refrigerator, cabinets, stove. The cup broke. It was my beloved Fort Worth. Remember Fort Worth?


Paisley came in and followed it up with an “uh-oh!” as she ran in from the other room. I’m going  to look at that as ‘an opportunity to deep clean those areas before we move’. So there, it isn’t going to determine my day. Boom.'


This morning, I woke up hoping to slip a few alone moments in before my baby girl started cooing from the bedroom. I did, even though it was only a few moments.



Good morning, sun.


Last night it got warm enough to sleep with the window open…this morning I am paying with a touch of allergies.


My baby is noticing the time change, too. On Tuesday, she woke up and pointed to the dark window (which is usually light) and said “Moon!”. I said, That’s right! It looks like it’s still nighttime. She followed that day up with a shorter nap at daycare and an epic toddler tantrum in the evening in which she screeched like a pterodactyl (you know the one) every time we got near her to give her a bath, change her diaper, clothes, wipe her face, etc. Terrible twos have begun early for sure.



Don’t let her fool you with this sweet face.


More packing to do. More things to clean, more tantrums to subdue.


Sunday, March 11, 2012

instagram sunday





Full moon from my front door. Pea can spot the moon and starts yelling “MOO, MOO!”, even when it’s really the sun in the morning. So adorable.


Found a new way to get the evening dishes done. Let her have one side of the sink with plastics, he loads the rest in the dishwasher. Why didn’t we think of this sooner?




Friday morning was rough.


I decided to perk it up and push through with happy colors and prints.




On a walk when we got home Friday. It was so beautiful out.


These two are so precious. I want to squeeze both!




We are trucking our way through the escrow process. So far, so good!


Favorite (and most comfortable) outfit of the week.




I missed my girl so much this week, I went to go visit her at school. This is her washing her hands at the (adorable) tiny sinks after lunch.


So grown up!




My FAVORITES together for Pizza.


I think we aim to make something from Pioneer Woman every week. It will surely lead to my demise.




All day long I am reminded of how mature my baby is getting. She even says “blehb oo” when we sneeze. But when she falls asleep, she is back to a sweet, innocent cuddly baby again.


See what I mean?

Wednesday, March 7, 2012



There is no rhyme or reason to any of this. Jumbled thoughts, jumbled mind. Littered with sweet photographs and random thoughts.



I have issues pertaining to coffee. My husband has lived it. If the coffee is not made right in the mornings, it must be re-brewed. I can’t start a day off on bad coffee!


my girl and her deep brown eyes 

I don’t like medicine. Of any kind. I avoid taking it at all costs. I use this same ideology with my baby. She gets medicine every. single. day. It hurts my heart.



desert winter 

I recently read that there was a straightener out there better than the CHI. I feel like I am missing out on something. I need this to be substantiated. I can’t believe it.



Everyone is raving about the Maybelline Baby Lips. I find it pasty and weird. Back to my expensive lip glosses!



My baby brother got married this weekend. I wished I could be there, but their May 2013 wedding ceremony will be splendid, along with photography shot by yours truly! I think they are both real cuties and I’m excited to capture them on their best day ever.




Grammy is sad because she can’t talk Face Time with Paisley because the second we connect, Pea either says “dah?” (dog) or “Poppa?”. She doesn’t even get a respectable ‘hello’ before she has to go gallivanting around the house to find the dog or “Poppa”.




We had a home inspection on the house we are soon to own this weekend. It went great, with only minor issues to report. Paisley picked out her room, too. Can’t wait to start mood boards for her big-girl room! It’s fun to see how different our agendas are when considering moving: my husband is dreaming of huge vegetable gardens, building covered patios, and growing grass. I’m thinking of how I can organize my closet and how much bathroom counter space I’ll have.




The idea of owning a home gives my husband and I a knot in our throats. We have just realized there is no window coverings on anything. ($cha-ching!$) Not even a tool bench. I guess we’ll make do since it’s new and OURS! :)




Back to the normal shenanigans of the work week. Packing to do this weekend. Still don’t understand why we have so much crap.




By the way- my daughter has tricks now. She runs, she says no, she falls of of things on purpose, I’m sure so that I will carry her on my hip for the next hour. She even cons me into diaper changes because she knows she’ll get a few sucks on her precious ‘baboo’. She’s getting cuter, smarter, and more mischievous every day.

Help me.



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