Thursday, September 29, 2011

my two favorites

IMG_4660My baby girl loves her “da-da”. She just beams when she sees him, always looks for him in the room, and just about everything he does is funny. Daddys do all sorts of fun things that mommys don’t. Like making HUGE waves in the bathtub that results in a lake on the bathroom floor (I’ve been wondering why our scale stopped working).
They push you faster than mommy does, and yell louder when they pop out from around the corner for a “BOO!”. They are rougher, tougher, and faster than mommys are and there is no doubt about the fact that Daddy= jungle gym time.
I have loved watching my girl with her dada over the past few months. They have such a special bond and I can’t wait to watch their relationship morph and grow over time.
Part of me can’t wait to holler “settle down!” from the kitchen as dad and Pea get too rowdy in the living room. My role as a mama is to constantly remind Andy “she just ate”, or “she’s too little for that”, or “no, she doesn’t want to wrestle you”. I’m working hard already to serve my role as ‘fun-sponge’ as my mother would say. Us mamas can find the danger in anything.

Tree swing? Er… are you SURE you got the highest quality rope? …Did you ask about it?… Have you ever done this before?

::rolls eyes::

Well- I’m just wondering because I really love her and all.

But I’m sure he already knows that.

Monday, September 26, 2011

in aisle two at cvs pharmacy…

Although we had a wonderful time road trippin’ to the beach, we encountered a few hiccups. The night before we left, Paisley decided to wake up for almost two hours in the EARLY morning hours. She hadn’t woken up at all for weeks so it figures that she would the night before our trip. So, we slept in and got out of town late.
Once out of town, we realized that we had forgotten a bottle, which was no big deal, because we were in the Target parking lot when we discovered our oversight.
Paisley was great in the car, and slept most of the time. Besides my normal stress about if we had everything, how much sun the girl was getting, where we should go next (is her diaper clean?), we had fun.

Until dinner. See now, Paisley has a severe egg allergy that we have to be very careful of in restaurants because of the risk of exposure. After asking about the macaroni containing eggs, we got an all clear and chowed down. So, the smart parents in us gave her plenty of pulled pork, macaroni, and CORNBREAD. Yeah, eggs, duh. It was soft and doughy cornbread too, which meant eggs not fully cooked. Which also meant EMERGENCY STATUS ALLERGIC REACTION IN 10 MINUTES. Okay, not like anaphylaxis, but definitely redness, sneezing, hives, and the really bad one- swelling of the lips and eyes. We did not have Benadryl with us. Greaaat.

We quickly paid our bill, got in the car and started driving looking for anyplace that might have Benadryl while we had a panic attack. Once we happened upon a CVS pharmacy, we pulled right in. To the busiest parking lot I’ve ever seen. They even had a security guard directing traffic. Of course. So I tore the baby out of her carseat and ran into the store while Andrew parked. Upon approaching the store, I noticed that there was produce. CVS doesn’t have produce?! I realized it was NOT what I was looking for. I did not see any signs anywhere so I just stand on the sidewalk and yell “does anyone know where CVS is?!!” [baby still in arms puffing up like a blowfish, husband still lost in a sea of cars]. Someone points me about 3 buildings down. Oh shit. I run.
Once inside I’m tearing up and down the aisles “excuse me, excuse me”. I spot it and open the package while people stare. Once I start shoving it down Pea’s throat, she starts screaming and we are like a live freak show. I’m taking up a good quarter of the aisle with my shoes, my ringing phone, the packaging from the medication, her screaming body, and people are starting to ask if I need help, if everything is ok, etc. One person brings me paper towels and a water bottle, one concerned mom asks if she can help and says “it’s ok sweetie” to Paisley as she walks by. Unfortunately, Pea’s got the smarts about the medicine now, so she had zipped her lips closed. I searched for a syringe dispenser in the aisle and could not find one. I even opened another package that I thought might have it. No luck. So I grab her up (she has only had about a drop of the meds by now; most is in her hair, her neck rolls, and on me) and run over to the pharmacy counter where I cut in front of everyone and declare my urgent need for a syringe. They hand it over and .BAM. I shoot the meds down my baby’s throat. Within minutes she was less red, puffy, and was crawling down the aisle knocking over all the medicines on the shelf. I cleaned up, Andrew came in, and we paid and thanked.
We got her into her car seat to head home, and she was asleep before we got out of the parking lot (of death). Ah, now for a quiet ride home…
Halfway home: my girl wakes from a dead sleep and projectile vomits the entire contents of her stomach on the car, herself, and all her blankets and car seat. Queue allergies again. The food all over her got her all sneezy and red again. Damn. What else? We got her cleaned up (as much as we could) and she (thankfully) drank a bottle and went right back to sleep. We got home and then worked another half hour cleaning and beach sand off everything. Sunscreen and regurgitated pork and cornbread do NOT make a good car air freshener. Just in case you were interested.

Lessons learned:
Carry Benadryl. Duh.
Pea doesn’t get to eat out. (too high risk for contamination at this point)
When going out of town, bring an extra, extra outfit.
Be thankful for CVS on Lincoln Blvd, even though they have the worst parking lot e.v.e.r.

Friday, September 23, 2011

to the beach: part two

I about vomited when I saw my baby all ready to go in her new tutu swim suit. Have you seen anything more disgustingly adorable? No? Right.
Paisley loved the sand and the water. I sure wish we could have spent more time in or near the water, but it was SO cold. My girl was turning purple after her first few dips.
There was a lot less sun bathing and lounging than I like to normally do at the beach, interesting what happens when you go with an infant. :) But, my main concern was her having fun and not getting sunburnt! Someone please quickly invent a non-greasy sunscreen that beach sand doesn’t stick to? Please? Thanks.
The aquarium was nice, but she’s a little young to stay interested in that for too long. We ate some Mexican food at a little shop on the pier and it was good.
We had a long day and went here to eat dinner. Yummy! After seeing this one on Diner’s Drive-In’s and Dives, we knew it would be awesome and this is our second time going.
Stay tuned for part three of the beach trip…where I talk about all the things that didn’t go as expected on our first out of town trip :) Shocking, right? No, it was a little more than just general inconvenience...

sorry if my legs are blinding you. they don't get out much.

going to the beach with a curious baby=sand in the face
attempts at sunblocking, since she would not wear her hat

Happy Friday, ya'll.
all photos by my hunny.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

to the beach: part one

On Saturday, we decided to do a little end-of-the-summer-hurrah and took our girl to experience the warm sand and the chilly tide. (Boy, was it chilly!) We knew she would love it and we also knew that the warm days are coming to an end. Although it took us FOREVER to get on the road, and even once we got halfway, we realized we forgot a bottle, but we had plenty of time to spend. Our girl is a lover of people and staying busy. I think she would settle for the beach everyday. She did not make a peep the entire time, just smiled, explored, and people-watched. I’m so happy that she is easy going. For now :)

Monday, September 19, 2011


This weekend we had fun. We had some more parenting scares. We went on an adventure. We loved being our little family of three together. We bonded, we cuddled, we soaked it all up.

We swang. Swung. We swinged. Well, she did.

We went here and hung. Hanged. We hung out here.

Friday, September 16, 2011

baby’s first car

Daddy bought it for her.

It’s very versatile. Ride on or push features.

Everyone wants it.

She shares.

And always looks both ways.

It’s tough to look this cute.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

the last four days

one trip to the er. two ear infections. three trips to the dr. four days of high temperatures. five shots.

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