Wednesday, October 31, 2012

the cutest minnie


Happy Halloween!


I’d like to report that out of three Minnie Mouses in her class, Paisley was most definitely the cutest. Okay, just my opinion. :)


A little trick or treating at school ended up being perfect, besides when someone wearing a mask tried to give her candy (see below)! I’m pretty excited  that she wore her costume the entire time and really had fun!


She discovered what candy was…but still was dying for me to open her toothbrush.


Oh-and I caught a few moments with her on-again off-again friend, Batman.



This might be the last year I get to choose her costume…

But I will never forget my little elephant (2011)!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Instagram-and a few words

I am obviously just humping by, getting these photos posted before there is an instagram explosion and I can’t even remember what photos I did share and did not because it was so long ago. Tonight is preparation of candy bags, potluck food, and Miss Pea’s costume for school tomorrow.

I am sitting on my lunch hour eating eggs and jelly biscuits (I have shared my obsession with eating breakfast foods) and thinking how I should never EVER buy off brand cinnamon rolls or biscuits again. I’m also thinking about this morning’s tantrum and how my TWO YEAR OLD has decided that it’s a personal injustice that she has to wear pants or shoes on a daily basis to school. I’m sorry Paisley, I did not mean to purchase the pants with razor blades inside them. I’ll re-think that next time.


Spaghetti is her favorite!


Reading the voter’s guide. Smart girl.


A walk!


She had her first visit to the fire station. It is reported that when the firefighter put on his entire suit, she ran out screaming.


Fall weather=roast and potatoes (but it had us tricked on that day)


Picking her (warty) pumpkin


Mama’s day out. Went shopping ALL DAY!


Decorating our pumpkins!


He asked me on a date night. I had a margarita. We went to Open Mic Night. It was fun.


Our 2012 pumpkin line up: Easiest face I could find(mom), little “P” (Paisley), batman (daddy)

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Pumpkin Patch 2012


We have a lovely little organic farm that does an awesome pumpkin patch just a way from our house. We went last year and I think it got even better this year.

Growing up, we went to a few and I can remember doing to corn maze, which was always super fun. When we arrived, Paisley almost hyperventilated looking at all the fun things to do. She didn’t even know where to run first when we walked in to the main area. It was good to see, we knew she would love it since last year she was barely walking. She was surprisingly comfortable with the animals and exited to touch them. We went with some friends and all the kids had a great time together.



We had to secretly put the “wristband” on her ankle because she would not accept the pretty bracelet that they had given her. Luckily, she forgot about it soon enough.


Last year I forgot my camera and I’m so glad that I remembered this morning. We went with some friends that had kids as well so it was a really good time. I’m so glad that this will be a new tradition we have for our family. We loved roaming around the farm, jealous of all the amazing produce and flowers they had grown. I admired the sunflowers and Andrew talked with our friends about how to get a garden going.


The jumping pillow was absolutely hilarious. The other kids quickly took their shoes off and joined in the fun, while Paisley got on and was being bounced around screaming and looking like a limp noodle. A Daddy intervention really did not make her much braver.


We played through naptime so I knew she would be exhausted!


I loved this tiny cherry tomato maze. She knew what they were right when she saw them because she has been picking them from Mamu & Papa’s garden for a few months now.

After spending less than 4 hours there, we were exhausted. When we got back into the car, we were shocked to see it was only 2pm and we wanted to crawl into bed and take a nap. One last thing to do was ride the tractor out to the patch and get our family pumpkins. She loved this part as she explored the patch for a good pumpkin, tripping over just about every vine she encountered and getting right back up without complaint.



We had a really good time, and can’t wait for next year!



Tuesday, October 23, 2012

We go to bed at eight thirty


Eight thirty (seven thirty last night) is just enough time to get comfortable on the couch after putting Miss Pea to bed, firing up the DVR, and possibly having a bowl of cereal before both Andrew and I are comatose on the couch.

I have been here, but not here. In a way, for me, busy-ness=creativity. I have taken SO many photos in the past few weeks, thought so many thoughts, written so many posts (in my head) and it just never has come to fruition because we have been busy. I love this busy-ness that comes with the month of October. We have been to the pumpkin patch, celebrated a little girl’s birthday in many ways, we have been dancing in the kitchen, we have been spending time with cousins, and we have been smooching grandparents. Living life. It’s documenting that little life that has fallen behind in the past few weeks. That’s okay, goodies ahead.

Normally, it would be normal (and expected) to assume that I am putting off Pea’s birthday acknowledgement/celebration/photos because I am in utter denial and I am crying in the corner. Actually, I feel terrible that I will have to show off the party late and have yet to even take her two year old pictures ::hangs head::. We shall have another busy weekend.


Isn’t this sunflower beautiful? I took this photo at the pumpkin patch a few weekends ago.

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