Monday, October 31, 2011


Now they really start. Pea’s birthday marked the beginning of our fall/winter festivities and I just can’t seem to take down the Happy Birthday banner that hangs in my dining room.
Now we fly straight into Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and slew of birthdays. As I’ve mentioned before, things are ever-changing in our house with a girl that is growing so big, so fast. Leaves falling are a sign of change and we are wearing an extra layer around here. This indoor mommy is being pushed daily to step outside and explore the fall around us. “Buh” with a tiny finger pointing up is a bird sighting, and a little grin appears each time she causes a crunch with her tiny feet.
But the family is changing, too. Brothers and sisters moved (far) away, creating new traditions for our own family, and not being the “kids” anymore. It’s weird, different, and good in some ways.
This year we have tried to give our girl the best that we can give. We will continue to teach her, cuddle her, laugh with (or sometimes, at) her, and let her go a little more each day.
Last year on this night, Andrew set up signs in the yard “DO NOT KNOCK OR RING DOOR BELL”. For there was a 9-day new baby sleeping in the house. We wanted Halloween to pass quietly, for every moment of sleep was sacred. This year, we visited with cousins, put on our costume one more time, and stayed up a little past bedtime.
It really does seem like minutes since this time last year, but we are embracing it, enjoying it, and always freezing it in time :)
Monday, you have exhausted me.
Robeez, we need to strike a deal soon. Buy two, get one free? Buy three, get two free? I’m pretty sure I own part of the company now. I’ll be awaiting my coupon…
Bring it, holidays.

Friday, October 28, 2011

birthday, birthday.

We invited family.
We ate pulled pork and beans.
Daddy baked eggless vanilla cupcakes.
We have a house full of toys.
My girl got her first blue box.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

smarty farty

Wow, you are catching onto things so much quicker than I expected.
Funny, she started crying like this right when I walked in. It’s like she knew she was in trouble :)
OTHER things you have done that have surprised me lately:
Hug and pat your baby doll while she is up on your shoulder; as well as give her some of your milk, and her binky.
Wash your bath baby with a washcloth using a rubbing motion.
Taking your shirt and trying to put it over your head; when that doesn’t work, an attempt to put your arms in the sleeves.
Offering your foot when I tell you we need to put your shoes on.
Saying “hello” and “bye-bye”, each with their own (unique) wave.
Saying “thank-you” without being prompted.
Said two words together: “hi daddy”.
Soon these small things will seem normal. But right now, I am so impressed. What a big girl we have.

Monday, October 24, 2011

birthday outtakes

We had a good party. My girl did REALLY well for herself… :)

She was great for her birthday pictures-surfing in her rocking chair and such. Here are a few cute ones.


I’ll leave you with a few of the more memorable moments from our birthday photo shoot.

Aaand she’s done.
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