Saturday, October 26, 2013

Happy Birthday to my three year old


 We love you to the moon and back. Can’t believe you are three.

Sunday, September 1, 2013


I’ve almost forgotten how to do this whole blogging thing. I do have about two months of snapshots to catch up on though, so I’ll start here. “Fwimming” with cousins and backyard camping.

IMG_8740IMG_8722IMG_8733IMG_8741IMG_8735IMG_8738IMG_8755 - CopyIMG_8764IMG_8776 - CopyIMG_8774IMG_8760 - Copy

Also, a few little conversations that have happened:

Me: What am I going to do with you?!

Pea: Love me.

(Holding a one dollar bill)

Mom, is this Santa? No, it’s not Santa. Mom, what’s he name?

George Washington.

Oh, that’s not Santa. He name George Washton.

(Andrew doing karate kicks and punches)

Daddy, Daddy! STOP, stop, stop. (Hand up) you are going to hurt yourself!

IMG_8786 - Copy

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Our fourth

We were so excited to celebrate the Fourth this year because we knew Paisley would be able to participate more with fireworks. Plus she would get to go “fwimming” and she loves that :). Turned out that the first Piccolo Pete that got lit would leave her running for her life towards the house, even out of my arms. It was so funny but sad, she was literally terrified! We watched from the living room window for the rest of them, but she liked the really crappy sparklers that they are selling now. I expressed my disappointment last year and was maybe kinda hoping they’d improved? Not so.

Either way, we ate, died of heat stroke, and ate.


Can I just say how much my little photographer heart swelled when I got these photos? I mean, come on! I hope I can pull these out when they are 16 and embarrass them! (He’s a neighbor and friend from her school).


Next Fourth: No Piccolo Petes.


Saturday, June 29, 2013

Welcome to Atlanta


I recently traveled to Atlanta to visit my friend and take a short vacation. It was exactly what I needed, even though I may have possibly missed my flight and cried at the ticket counter because of the effort I had made to get there and then failed. I don’t do well with flying to say the least. Seeing Nycole walk up the sidewalk at the airport with a Starbucks coffee and some eye drops for my awful-stay-up-all-night-plus-the-crying eyes was oh so wonderful. She gave me a weekend fit for a queen and we made memories we won’t forget.

IMG_8633IMG_8640 copyIMG_8602IMG_8618IMG_8643IMG_8647IMG_8659IMG_8687IMG_8690IMG_8702 copyIMG_8714

Basically we ate for five days straight, which is my idea of a perfect week! ;) I had real southern grits for the first time, beignets, and apple pie and hazelnut lattes by candlelight in the city. It was truly an experience I keep wanting to repeat! I got a tour of downtown and even got to take some photos which of course is my favorite. Especially when my subject is so cooperative! :) Nycole is a nanny, so our daily activities were right up my alley, plus I got to get a glimpse into daily life for her. Not to mention her (well not really hers) super sweet kids who were angels the entire time.


Amazing places we ate: Roswell Provisions Bakery | Café Intermezzo | Roux on Canton | King of Pops | The Flying Biscuit | Noodle | Chick-fil-a (a first for me!)

And I just have to mention the SOUTHERN HOSPITALITY. It’s not a joke. I experienced it right when I got off the plane. People were very polite and well mannered and almost every restaurant we went to, they came up and thanked us for our business and gave us AMAZING service. I loved it. People giving friendly hellos and just all around kindness and respect.

Of course my Mr. Mom of a husband treated my baby girl like a princess and gave me as many updates as I wanted throughout the day. I love him and that I never have to worry about anything. This guy keeps the house clean, rears the princess, and does not stray from the schedule. I’m so lucky!

Oh-and have you ever seen a more beautiful and precious baby girl? (Beside my own, of course!) Miss Emily had my heart and gave my baby fix while I was there.

IMG_8588 copy

After years of my bestie living in the ATL and saying I was going to visit, it was so nice to just bite the bullet and do it, even if it was a quick trip.

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