Wednesday, June 29, 2011

hallway games

 our new crawler is getting around.
sans baby gates, anywhere is game.
 she has just learned that a slippery floor and a onsied belly equal faster traveling time.
 ohhh sweet baby come to mama! Hi you little pooky wooky precious mama's girl I love you so much never let you go-
 What?! You don't want to cuddle? You want to play with dad?
Aw, shucks this growing up stuff stinks!

Friday, June 24, 2011

two teeth

Two teeth. My girl has them.
 I'd like to take this time to blame those two little itsy-bitsy-tiny teeth for everything bad that has occurred over the last month. For example, waking up 1-6 times a per night for the past month. 3 days of vomiting for my little girl. Fussiness. But mostly; waking up 43,506 times last night. By 7:30 am, I had changed 3 poopy diapers, spent the majority of my night rocking a fussy baby, and the other part of the night laying in my bed praying she would not wake up in 30 minutes.

...she did.

I was super stealth and would block out the pain of contorting my body into a pretzel just so I didn't wake her when laying her down. I would check on her and then quickly duck down if she saw me, hoping she would go back to sleep.

This morning, the second tiny little razor blade of a tooth right there on the bottom middle as she smiled and cooed at me from her crib. I was pissed, ruined from the last 12 hours. It wore off quickly and I scooped her up and we went to the living room to play. It makes me wonder what tonight will hold.
Peonies to balance out the rant in this post. Photos by moi.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

yes, yes she is.

8 months old.

 I'm still trying to convince myself that this is true. My little girl.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


here's a sicky face if you've ever seen one...
We spent the weekend being barfed on, washing sheets, clothes, carpets, and giving baths; rubbing a little tum-tum, rocking, and cuddling. My poor girl was not feeling well.  

Worst parent guilt ever. Just want to help our little bug.

Sunday, June 19, 2011


He always gets it right.

Well, almost always.

Best daddy in the whole wide world. Man, I picked a good one. I'm so happy that our baby girl will have everything she needs in you.

There's alot more to being a daddy than doing everything for your daughter. I mean, its a TOUGH role. Now you have 2 women to please. (And NOBODY wants those special 2 women mad at you) So at the same time he's being the best daddy in the world, he's trying to juggle being the best husband in his daddy roles. Am I making sense? It's very complicated, just ask him :)

And my daddy and Paisley's Grampy-
We love you SO much. You are so wonderful to us and we couldn't ask for more.

That hat in the corner looks familiar :) I think you just wore it the other day...

Thursday, June 16, 2011

just peachy

Peachy cereal for breakfast. Coffee for Mama. She really doesn't like peaches. She usually gags.

Paisley's peachy. The weather is peachy (101). Life is peachy.

I'm trying to figure out how we can replace our wasteland-of-dirt backyard with an in ground pool. And a covered patio. And hey, slap in a good chunk of grass too, while the wish list is open. Oh, what did you say? None of that is going to happen because we live in a rental?! Oh, right. Silly me.
These pictures are last weekend's happenings. Now is almost this weekend. Oh, man. My little girl has had a big week. She has moved to stage 2 baby food (long time coming), tried a graham cracker, Gerber puffs, and diced peaches. She didn't like the peaches. She isn't peachy.
Her knees are completely rug burned at any given time from making her way around. Talk about DIRTY...they should pay her for mopping the daycare floor :) (Or at least give me a discount!)

The ONLY green thing in my backyard. A neighbor's grapevine hangs over the fence.
We spent a lot of time outside getting fresh air. It was nice. Relaxing. Got nothing done.

We are thisclose to having a post graduate in our house! I'm so proud.  One day, I'm going to have to blog our evenings. They are kinda crazy, and on top of that, Andy does homework, sometimes late into the night. What a trooper. July will be a good month, because it's also our 2nd Anniversary!! Weird. I know people with kids always say it, but time really does go very fast and it's a little sad. I don't want to think about how my baby is creeping up on the 1 year mark. For now, we are soaking up the good stuff.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

ever, never, never

Don't ever, never, ever, ever, ever lose your

squishy cheeks.
baby smell
morning happiness
thigh rolls
Other requests: big, slobbery open mouthed kisses (the ones where you bite my bottom lip)
cute little coos and raspberry noises
and my new favorite- reaching for mama!
Can it please never stop? Guess you could say I'm enjoying this part.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

what happened last night.

a bad, bad thing happened last night in our household. something that I wasnt ready for. here it goes.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

love it, but hate it.

 Pea's daycare is the BEST. The location, the people, the curriculum. I love that she goes to daycare. I could not keep her entertained 9 hours a day. I seriously have the best situation for daycare and I can really see the difference in Paisley's general reaction to new people and babies compared to other kids her age that aren't in a daycare program. But to me, it's still not a normal feeling to drop her off in the morning and not see her or hear about how she is doing or anything until the evening. I used to go to the daycare at lunch to nurse, but now I literally am away from her all day. It's hard for me. I wish I could call and chat with the teachers about how her day is going, how many dirty diapers she has had, what she had for lunch, what she is doing right now...

Ok, now what's she doing?
And now?
Same thing?
Is she smiling?
What's she doing now?

Ok, I see where this could be an issue.

 It would be even better if I could text them!

Bad idea? I don't think so...

Monday, June 6, 2011


Mondays are hard for me. I miss my little Baby Precious. I look back on the weekend of hugs and slobbery kisses and getting my baby hairs on my neck pulled by tiny hands. Poop explosions that lead to 2 o'clock baths. Fussy times that beg for us to rock, rock, rock my sweet girl to sleep and tiptoe around for the next hour. A real, good cry when hurting herself that only Mama can console. Andy bringing home fresh spring flowers and me sighing because all I wanted was diet strawberry limeade. Weekend, please come again soon- I promise I will be more thankful for the flowers AND the poop explosions.

Pea went in her pool for the first time this weekend. It was the first and last time she wears this cute little swim suit. I had to squeeze it onto her little body. It says it's a 12 month size. Psh. Yeah right.
Oh, dear.

Once she saw her daddy set it up, she wanted to get in so bad!

"Mama, can I get in now?"

Squish, squish. Mama wants to eat you up!
Of course daddy wanted to put the kiddie pool on the highest power the water pressure could go. Which resulted in this. He also made a comment about 'how silly it is to have a MAX line'. Um, Honey- that's so you don't explode the pool/drown your kid/collapse the pool/drown your kid/ruin your kid's brand new pool or drown your kid. K?
She always made her way to the edge to get some grass when the water got boring.

I forgot to take pictures of my sun baby at the fundraiser we went to. She rode around in her stroller (in the big girl part!) and was SO good. The stroller always lulls her into this trance. She just remains perfectly silent and looks around. Of course everyone commented on how good she was!
I'm so glad I caught the below photos. She loves mirrors. And she has realized that if she gets in real close, she can see herself in her carseat mirror. So, everytime I put her in the car to go somewhere, we have to look in the mirror for a few seconds, even when the car is 42,861 degrees and I just want to buckle her in and get the air going. New routine: start car, pump ac, mirror time, buckle baby.

Overall, a great weekend of baby loving, husband grilling, and sunny weather.
marinated and grilled flank steak with lime and corn beans and a roasted tomatillo. totally blogworthy, baby.

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