Friday, July 29, 2011

all for naught

Forget anything that you so intricately planned. Pouring over every detail, adjusting everything just so. Making everything aesthetically pleasing and perfectly accessible for mom and dad.
The nursery.
I mean, really? My baby is 9 months old (ahh!) and I’m already thinking of a “big girl” room. How silly is it that a child shouldn’t be able to play in their own room? Well, with a nursery setup, it really isn’t great for ALMOST WALKING babes.
The bookshelf is the new deathtrap because it had to be at a diagonal to fill the left side of the room well. Fuggetaboutit.
The side table for the glider that had to be stylish and not too big. Now, a metal skewer for my child.

The glider that we use all the time and could never have lived without. Now a perfect
rocking boat for an unsteady baby with no fear.

Don’t even get me started on tile. I think I’m going to go to Home Depot this weekend and buy padding and a staple gun and just take care of all the walls and floors. It’s either that or another heart attack for mommy.
She doesn’t want her “baby” toys anymore. She wants to find a way to climb on the most dangerous thing she can find in my house.
I’ve been in denial for a long time that baby proofing will take over the d├ęcor in my home. Here I am staring at it face to face and I will go out kicking and screaming.

Monday, July 25, 2011

vacation weekend

We left our girl for the first time and headed out to celebrate our anniversary. Grammy and Grampy were so amazing, we literally did not spend any time worrying (except that she might wake up at 3 am!). Thank god for technology these days; it makes you feel like you are still so connected.
We enjoyed dinners downtown, massages, and sleeping in! Andrew got a new tattoo and I got to go shopping and take pictures. Win win. We also went to a Padres game and a improv comedy show. It was a great break from real life.
Strange to think it’s already been two years that we’ve been married. I think it’s safe to say we are right were we want to be.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Thursday, July 21, 2011

a few little things

We went on a little vacation for our anniversary over this past weekend. It was DIVINE. Every little thing about it was wonderful, and I’m gonna share a bajillion pics soon! I’ve been sniffing up my little girl’s sweet breath any chance I get, catching up on all the missed opportunities over the weekend.

Meanwhile, there are a bunch of photos that are now 3 weeks (!) old that I haven’t even shared yet.

Water baby.
Pool, baths, whatever. She will sit in there and play until she is shivering and purple.

Here we go again.
The thing is, we were building up to something right before we left on our vacation…a growing  girl was showing signs of advancing in the mobility department. Aka pulling herself up on things, getting on her knees, and just overall becoming more adventurous. On the morning of our planned vacation, Andrew found her standing in her crib!! Aye. While we were gone, it advanced and she is now walking along the couch, coffee table, wall, or anything that she can find. And boy, do babes have no fear!


Mama Rocks!
A perfect art. The utmost dedication. Only a loving mama can do this job so well. Here, we have the daytime nap rock. (Which, of course, is TOTALLY different than the 3am rock!)

Daddy time. Aren't these two SO cute together? Oh, it kills me. ::muah!::


Saturday, July 16, 2011

so big, so beautiful

When I say “So big! So beautiful!” to my girl, she puts her arms up and smiles.  I can’t believe she is SO big and SO beautiful.

It’s so absolutely true that even if your child was ugly, there is no way you could ever see it. Blinded by love is REAL. The glory behind it is that you don’t care what anyone thinks, you just go along blissfully KNOWING your child is so beautiful.

Paisley has most definitely gained some independence over the last month. She has made her mind up about what she wants and doesn’t want. If she wants something, watch out because she will do anything to get it. If she doesn’t want something, watch out because she will let you know.


anything that clearly does not belong to her

anything that is not a toy (see #1)

anyplace that is dirty, unsafe, or off limits

fans, floor lamps, cords, outlets (see #2)

shoes (see #1, 2, 3)

Does NOT want:

diaper/clothes change

to be put down (see #1)

you to take your time preparing her meal

anything other than peas, sweet potatoes, or puffs

I've also been doing more singing and interaction games with her. We love "A bushel and a peck" (but want to learn the whole thing). I want to learn more of the lap games as well. We do Itsy-Bitsy Spider and Patty Cake, but that's usually all I can remember. I'll need to brush up on my skills here. We have the Classic Fairytales from this author, so maybe I'll look into getting the Nursery Rhymes book by him as well.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

over the past few days…

We have identified one morning person and one er… not so morning person.

Paisley fake cried to get her way.

Mommy went crazy.

She helped me “unpack” the diaper bag.

And broke out with (another mysterious) rash.

Update: mysterious rash got worse. Found out it was this.

Then mommy went crazy.

She threw puffs on the floor and hollered from her high chair between every bite.

She started pulling herself up on everything [dangerous] that she could find.

And in a few moments of desperate entertainment, I taught her how to take a picture of herself.

Then mommy went crazy.

I'm ready for a vacation!

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