Friday, March 15, 2013

paisley + daddy

I woke up this Wednesday feeling “good” for the first time in weeks. I cannot remember being as sick as I have been (ear infection + sinus infection) the last three weekends and it doesn’t take long to really get you down. Since I am never sick, I probably turn into the biggest baby ever. Okay, I pretty much do. Andrew has been Mr. Mom, giving every bath, changing every diaper, fixing every meal, etc. He has been so wonderful and taking care of me on top of all of that. There were nights I literally could not get out of bed.
Paisley loves to do whatever her daddy is doing. And with my condition, they have had a lot of time together recently. He is so patient and tolerant with her, and he finds ways to let her join in on whatever he is doing. One their recent favorites is to cook (or bake). He has been baking with her for quite awhile now.  Here, they are making homemade pizza and leave it up to Pea to add the cheese :). Last weekend, my hunny, being so sweet, decided to make me a surprise since I wasn’t feeling good (mini apple pies). I didn’t have the heart to tell him until after that I was so stuffed up I could not smell or taste anything. At all. The good thing is that he ended up loving them :).
Cheers to the first weekend in a month I haven’t woken up miserable!

Monday, March 11, 2013

toddler emotions: I can’t keep up



Daily life with a toddler is like being at a circus…it can be good, bad, and everything in between over the course of five minutes. We’ve definitely gotten much better at our reactions during our learning experience as parents (ie: don’t respond every time- that’s a hard one!). We have learned to embrace and laugh with her changing emotions as she grows. Last night in a bought of tiredness, I heard her come screaming “the scream”, you know, the death scream while running to me. I asked Andrew what had happened to her and he said that he had taken out her barrette from her hair. Um, what? Yeah, apparently the end of the world.  She has been doing her “I want to cry on Mommy” for a few months now, where she is essentially done crying for whatever reason, asks to cry on me, and then fake cries on my shoulder while I cuddle and reassure her. In a few years, she won’t want to do that, so I’m soaking up the pitiful behavior now.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

my little scooter girl



pointing out every airplaneIMG_7771IMG_7778

I could not believe the first time I saw my girl ride her “shooter”. I mean, she just zooms along with ease and has such good balance. She can go really fast on it and one of my favorites is the photo of her getting low on it, she does that when she pumps her little leg to go fast. This was a Christmas gift from Mamu and she pretty much knew how to use it right out of the box. It’s crazy to think that we’ve pretty much graduated from “rides” in the stroller or wagon to now walks or her riding her scooter. She really just wants to be free! Good thing I have my cutie husband that will follow her around and play ball with her and let her run wild under his watch. :)

I’ve treated the laundry like a triage situation for the past three weeks, just grabbing whatever we absolutely needed to put on our bodies to get to work and washing a baby load here and there. It’s now amounted to a monumental pile of this-is-going-to-take-three-days-to-do. Problem there is I only have two days… make that one unless I get off the couch now. 


Friday, March 1, 2013

Potty training-an update

IMG_7711-2 copyIMG_7701-2IMG_7710

Okay, so – where did we leave off? Potty training. Right. Without going into too many (hilarious and frustrating) details, we put Paisley back in diapers on the third day. She knows how to do it, what to do, when to do it. She doesn’t want to do it. Too stubborn, impatient and busy right now, we think. Progressively over the 3 days of potty training she had actually gotten worse, screaming “NOOOO POTTYYYY!!” anytime it would come time. Sunday morning after she sparked a low fever, had a few accidents, and two very frustrated parents, we put back on a diaper and breathed a sigh of relief. We shall try again soon! Turns out Rotavirus had been going around her classroom the previous week and she was clearly suffering from a touch of that. So, in review: potty training + rotavirus + long weekend = not fun. I also did a FEW loads of laundry per day because of the accidents and such. The following weekend I came down with a bad cold and wanted to die because I couldn’t sleep, breathe, or get my throat and head to stop hurting.

This weekend, we will enjoy the sunshine and a girl still in diapers.


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