Saturday, March 12, 2011

a walk down the last year of my life.

Remember when I used to look like this?
Small boobs, trim tummy...
And then this happened.

Inside my belly she was cooking...
Then, this little oh-my-god-cute-as-a-bug-smoochy-poochy-woochy-widdle-tiny-smells-so-good-and-tastes-even-better baby came into our world.
Bad parent of the year award. Newborn sleeping in Boppy with blankets around face. I know, I know.
The other morning she puked on my fresh work clothes. Most of the time I'm exhausted. My clothes don't fit the way they used to. I'm never wearing a bikini again. My skin....oh, my skin! I'm incessantly late. I used to do my make-up meticulously and "change it up" during the week. Oh, no. Slap that mascara on and don't poke yourself in the eye, you're going to be late again.

But it also means that Saturday mornings look like this:
Light pours into the living room while daddy is still sleeping. After nursing, I get my coffee and we play in our jammies for however long we want.
And evenings? Busy and completley different on most nights, they consist of homework, cleaning, prepping for the next day, Zumba, dinner and bathtime.
Life has changed radically. Life is different and good in so many ways than it was before. Like the fact that I have a new alarm clock. She's cute, but she doesn't ring at the time I asked. Oh well.
Forgot to include this pic of my girl holding her own bottle, which she has been doing for about a month now :)

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