Monday, July 16, 2012

these are not the fireworks I remember


I admit that I haven’t partaken in purchasing personal fireworks pretty much ever. We did them when I was younger with family and friends, but it’s been awhile. Well, apparently there has been a slight (read: big) change in what is “legal” for fireworks in California. I wanted Miss Pea to see a real sparkler and show her how pretty/fun it is.

Enter our “sparklers”:


The first few, I was positive we just had a dud. But after some complaining and convincing by my parents that these were the “new” sparklers, I was so sad to know that this is how they are these days!


We listened to the booms in the distance of the fireworks around town and enjoyed the rare cloudy sunset. We ate our favorite whiskey bbq sliders and tried to ignore the fact that we had to go to work the next morning (who lets a holiday like that fall on a Wednesday!?).


IMG_1867-001IMG_1876IMG_1889 copyIMG_1917IMG_1918

We had a heck of a party.


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