Saturday, April 13, 2013

living outside and two-year old talk


We have been loving and hating spring. Spring means killer allergies for all of us, but hopefully we are on the back end of that whole sneeze-fest. Pea wants to spend all her time outside anyway, and she has been going from plants to water, to dirt and back to water again, which equals a lot of muddy shoes to clean up. That’s okay, we wouldn’t want to be stuck inside with her two year old little personality anyway. See that look up there? She’s probably telling me off for something I didn’t do. See that other look up there? Yeah, she has stolen MY phone and is doing god knows what on it.

A few recent convos for you:

(Climbing up in her high chair for breakfast)

Dad, it’s been a LOOOONG day.

Mommy, I listen TO YOUR WORDS. (with a sassy tone, of course.)

Me: Paisley, why did you throw that? Go pick it up.

Her: Tocause I’m a lady, THAT’S WHY!

(Walking to the bathroom for a bath)


I love you so much daddy, you’re a big boy!

She also got her hair pulled for the first time at school and apparently she was totally traumatized. The kid would NOT let go and she just screamed and screamed. Her teacher said it took awhile for her to recover. They confidentially reported it to me after school, but she quickly blurted out the name of the kid and gave me a play-by-play. Oh geez, this age is so hilarious.


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