Wednesday, October 26, 2011

smarty farty

Wow, you are catching onto things so much quicker than I expected.
Funny, she started crying like this right when I walked in. It’s like she knew she was in trouble :)
OTHER things you have done that have surprised me lately:
Hug and pat your baby doll while she is up on your shoulder; as well as give her some of your milk, and her binky.
Wash your bath baby with a washcloth using a rubbing motion.
Taking your shirt and trying to put it over your head; when that doesn’t work, an attempt to put your arms in the sleeves.
Offering your foot when I tell you we need to put your shoes on.
Saying “hello” and “bye-bye”, each with their own (unique) wave.
Saying “thank-you” without being prompted.
Said two words together: “hi daddy”.
Soon these small things will seem normal. But right now, I am so impressed. What a big girl we have.

1 comment:

Jen + Jeff said...

That is the BEST picture ever.

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