Wednesday, October 5, 2011

okay, fine. eleven months old.

oh baybee

You are killing us with your cuteness and smarts every day now. 

You say mama, dada, duck, hi, hello, thank you, uh-oh, and ba ba pretty regularly. (You must be a genius!) You LOVE to be outside doing anything, especially morning walks in the stroller. The leaves are getting fun for you to crunch on this time of year with your dino. Anything that Daddy does is interesting and you want to join in. This usually means playing guitar, vacuuming, dishes, or wrestling around on the floor. Mama is your go-to for kisses and cuddles and anytime you have a fall or are tired (Mama is also the only one you want in the middle of the night, in which I must sing you to sleep). You have a great schedule and go to bed usually before 7:30 and sleep all the way until 6:00 when it is time to get up and get ready for school. It’s wonderful. You love school and come home everyday exhausted. You are pretty much happy wherever, including running weekend errands with mom to the grocery store. People notice how quiet you are and love to see you make faces at them.
You are such a joy to us.

Oh yeah, and you are WALKING.
May want to turn it down; I scream a little :)


Sugardrive said...

omg...seeing her walk brought tears to my eyes! thank you for sharing such a special moment. :) I can't wait for my girls to start!

Ashley Payne said...

Yay!!!!!!! She is walking! :))) Now, you have a lot of more adventures to endure! :)

She is precious! :)

Kathryn said...

I think you are right...she must be extremely smart...and is now looking as though she will also be a ballerina!

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