Friday, June 8, 2012

instagram friday

My daughter just had blueberry pancakes and an oreo for breakfast. The power of using your words and not throwing a tantrum for something you want reigned in daddy’s eyes this morning as he told her “just one”.

A busy work week is going to be rewarded this weekend. We started out with Mexican food with Mamu & Papa right after work. We are going to work in more fun this weekend. Some are chores disguised, but that’s just the way things go sometimes.

Eat out with Mamu & Papa

Drop of car for a wash and play in the park

Go to the bookstore and pick out some books

Have friends over for dinner and drinks


Eat daddy’s blueberry pancakes

My baby girl has been showing her preference for each one of us lately, most prominently at bedtime, when she does one of us the honor of “choosing” us to rock her to sleep. It’s different each time, and we rejoice if we get chosen and immediately place her on our chest and wrap our arms around her and begin the furious rocking.


And with that, we return to our weekend.

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