Wednesday, June 13, 2012

on following through


I can safely say that we got 90% of our weekend wish list done. We had fun, too.

IMG_1377 copyIMG_1374 copyIMG_1372 copyIMG_1383 copyIMG_1397 copy

IMG_1408 copyIMG_1421 copy

We took to the town Friday morning and wandered around while the car got washed. My baby girl is at her best when she’s outside, free. She just wants to roam around, touch things, run, and not have any boundaries. I can understand this, considering I’d rather be a hermit.

Work has been overloading my brain lately. So I really feel like I used this past weekend to the fullest and tried to do everything I wanted to do. That DID include a pedicure. Essie’s Turquoise and Caicos is on my toesies and it’s a big change from pink (which I ALWAYS have on there). My sweet husband hung curtains on the main window in the house and I laid my rug down that I got a KILLER deal on from this website and the entire room is transformed! I only have about a million more things on my wish list for the house. :o)


IMG_1470 copyIMG_1473

IMG_1477IMG_1495 copyIMG_1505 copyIMG_1509 copyIMG_1518IMG_1522

She definitely thought this pavilion was her personal stage. She even did a little jig :)

IMG_1520IMG_1530IMG_1534 copy

We are already headed toward another weekend. If you haven’t noticed, I live for them and can’t wait to sleep in, sip my coffee, and lounge around with my two favorite people.

And my favorite photo of the day:

IMG_1498 copy

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Phase Three of Life said...

I don't know what I like more about that last pic... her devastated expression or the fact that the nice elderly couple is sharing a large soda. ;)

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