Sunday, November 11, 2012



I had a much needed LONG lunchtime conversation with my best friend. We talked about things that you can talk about with your best friend, we complained, we practically said “I know, right!” like a thousand times, which is the grown-up equivalent to “jinx!”. No matter how different our lives are, we always find so much sameness there as well. I love having comforting and understanding conversations, especially when the world around us seems so…divided and well, frankly…stupid.

Life with a two year old has been so much harder lately, but almost easier at the same time. We are riding those waves, taking comfort in the repeated “you are not alone”, “I’ve been there before” and “you are doing a great job”. (Thanks, Mom, for not thinking I've really gone off the deep end some days. )

I’ve been listening to classical music lately, which Paisley perked up this morning right when it came on and said “Barbie Princess!!”. I love that she thinks classical is “Barbie Princess” music. That just rocks.

A birthday video…or at least photos is/are far overdue and I’m already going to be sharing pumpkin decorating pictures in like January…so I better get on it.

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