Sunday, May 19, 2013

It’s May??


Busy, busy. It’s been so good being busy for the past few weeks. After much preparation, Andrew finally completed his first half marathon. The run was for the Semper Fi Fund and we were proud to support it. There has also been a low-key Mother’s day in there, and a shopping trip for mama. I do have a few little gems from Paisley lately:

(We’ve been teaching her that red means stop and green means go) Dad, it’s a triangle. A triangle means go away!

I just can’t help myself.

(Sees a chihuahua) HEY LOOK AT THE KITTY!!!

Hey Mom, I’m soapin’ wet!

I’m a firefighter and I’m looking for the treasure mac.

And a million, billion more hilarious comments all day long. I’m not kidding. She is trying to figure out how things go together and I’m absolutely loving it. I realize that she will start saying things correctly soon and that makes me so sad! Oh, and don’t forget to read the majority of those comments with an English accent because that’s what she’s got lately.


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kathryn said...

Love the tan lines on her feet...

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