Saturday, June 1, 2013

snapshots in May



We have been working on colors with Pea since a few weeks ago, we discovered she was only able to successfully identify brown. Ways to make this fun are Twister, sorting mom’s nail polish collection, and getting to pick out which color cup/bowl she uses.

Mother book.

Are you my Mother? by P.D. Eastman (buy it now if you don’t have it!). She calls it “The Mother Book” and we have to read it EVERY night (unless I hide it). She knows every page and can recite the story almost word by word correctly.


Oh, sweet summer. My little water baby has always loved this time of year. We literally have to rip her away from the pool screaming if she’s either shivering or has gotten enough sun. I’m so excited that she will be able to start doing water play almost everyday.  



Potty training update: she wears underwear at home and on the weekends, but cannot start officially at school until she poops in the potty (which she refuses to do to the point of hysteria). So we are stuck in an in-between stage that she will get out of eventually. :)

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