Saturday, July 6, 2013

Our fourth

We were so excited to celebrate the Fourth this year because we knew Paisley would be able to participate more with fireworks. Plus she would get to go “fwimming” and she loves that :). Turned out that the first Piccolo Pete that got lit would leave her running for her life towards the house, even out of my arms. It was so funny but sad, she was literally terrified! We watched from the living room window for the rest of them, but she liked the really crappy sparklers that they are selling now. I expressed my disappointment last year and was maybe kinda hoping they’d improved? Not so.

Either way, we ate, died of heat stroke, and ate.


Can I just say how much my little photographer heart swelled when I got these photos? I mean, come on! I hope I can pull these out when they are 16 and embarrass them! (He’s a neighbor and friend from her school).


Next Fourth: No Piccolo Petes.


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Jennifer Hess said...

I love all your pics!!! Do you do photography on the side?? You should! :) And how in the world do you design your blog this way?? I can't figure out how to do mine?? Help?

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