Monday, May 17, 2010

Baby S is a mover!

This week has been so much fun in the pregnancy world! Since last week, I have been feeling little movements in there and even one really good kick! It's great because it's kinda like daily assurance. Before the movement, I was feeling so good each day I would think 'Am I supposed to feel this good? Is everything ok in there? Are you still in there, Baby S?'...and now, I'm reminded constantly of my whirling and twirling little one in there. The movement has become more frequent and stronger over the past few days and it's really exciting for me. Just to know he/she is getting so big that it's getting tighter in there. We are getting closer every day to our next appointment that will end the mystery (hopefully) to the gender question. Maybe at that point we can really start talking about names. Boy names are very hard. I'm wondering if the name will ever hit me as the right one? Right now, I don't want to settle on anything. I think I have a list of 1,032 girl's names that I could be just fine with tomorrow.

How far along?: 17 weeks
How big is baby?: baby turnip :)
Weight gain?: Up 6 pounds total.
Maternity Clothes?: Yeah. But they are still kinda big on me. I don't like wearing baggy clothes, so I'm stuck somewhere in the middle at this point.
Stretch Marks?: Yeahhhh and not happy about it.
Sleep?: Pretty good (if the cooler is on full blast). Peeing once a night. Don't want that to increase! *fingers crossed*
Best moment this week?: Baby S moving in there! I knew it right when I felt it. I was worried that I wasn't recognizing the movement. But this felt different than anything I've ever felt!
Movement?: Increasing daily! :)
Food cravings?: Nothing new.
Aversions?: Chicky Chick Chicken.
Gender?: Aaack. Who knows?!
Belly button in or out?: Wiiiide.
What I miss most?: Clear skin, pants that fit.
What I'm looking forward to?: Gender! Starting the nursery.
Milestones: Well it would have to be feeling movement. (and moving up a bra size. whoops. did I say that?)

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Becca said...

Awww! How sweet! I can't wait! 143 days..whoo hooo!

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