Thursday, May 13, 2010

IT'S A..........

We didn't find out the sex of the baby after all :( We got a different Dr. this time and he said he didn't want to waste an ultrasound since everything was going normal. Good heartbeat and good vitals. He said it would be better to wait until next appointment so that he can hopefully give us a 100% gender reading. PHOOEY! Andrew was so disappointed. We wanted to know in the worst way. But I understand. And I was happy to hear the healthy heartbeat at 156 BPM. Only 2 more pounds gained and my 3 hr glucose (TORTURE) test was normal. I'm declining the next one. I'm not kidding. It was torture. Call me dramatic, but you do not keep food away from me for 5+ hrs and then stick me 5 times. No. No way.

So week 16 was a good one! Momma and I went to the Rose Bowl Swap meet in Pasadena. It was a blast! Got a few things, walked A LOT, and met Kathy Griffin! Yeah, the real thing. She was shopping like all the rest of us in her sweats and no make-up. So, we shook her hand and told her how much dad likes her...wonder if she got the hint WE weren't her biggest fans?! Oh well.

On the baby front, some big things happening. I made a decision on the crib and dresser that M&D are buying Baby S, and it's not white! I just changed my mind and since it's a convertible crib, thought a 12 year old boy probably wouldn't want white furniture. So I went safe for boy or girl and got the dark wood. I'm really excited. And the dresser already came in! Thanks Grammy and Grampy! Andy wasn't involved too much in furniture color, but he will definitely have an opinion when it comes to decorations and colors...if it's a boy :) On another note, I have been feeling a lot of tightness in my belly in the evenings lately. It feels like I'm being stretched. Even the loosest t-shirt is too tight. I know I have a long way to go, but I must be growing a bunch. Another new development is that I have felt baby S kick!!! 2x for sure, but could be more, but I think they are not really strong enough for me to notice. Andy is so excited and can't wait until he can feel it too!

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