Thursday, May 27, 2010

I was reading this on a blog yesterday by a man who documented his wife's pregnancy from 17wks to birth. I love the way he writes about these common situations and how it feels to be on the other side. Enjoy :)

"According to Cole I am following the formula of male gripes and hurt feelings at this stage of the pregnancy, because I have started to form the beginnings of deep DEEP bitter resentment for her fortress and impenetrable barrier of pillows her naked legs are all wrapped around at night. For weeks now, just a tiny sliver of her face is left exposed for fresh oxygen and is about as much as I see of my wife in bed. Now this isn't to say that she hasn't been about as horny as a 13 yr old boy after pawing thru a stack of porn. I have to watch my back around this house like a virgin ass in a prison shower. This Pillow Palace is piled up each night and until the morning rolls in I feel like my wife might as well be sleeping in another room. I know, I KNOW, big deal. Some of you readers are like... DUDE, stop being a vagina about it. Well I'm sensitive, so BACK OFF!!! I only mention it because it's one of those things that someone can say to you that first week when you find out your wife is pregnant. They could say: "About 15 or so weeks in, she's going to start sleeping with every pillow you all have in your house, and probably go out and purchase more, and stack them all around her so she is immersed in soft pillowy protection."

Speaking of this, hubby is not happy with the fact that I informed him we are purchasing the SNOOGLE this weekend! (Maybe we can get one for him, too?!)

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