Wednesday, June 8, 2011

love it, but hate it.

 Pea's daycare is the BEST. The location, the people, the curriculum. I love that she goes to daycare. I could not keep her entertained 9 hours a day. I seriously have the best situation for daycare and I can really see the difference in Paisley's general reaction to new people and babies compared to other kids her age that aren't in a daycare program. But to me, it's still not a normal feeling to drop her off in the morning and not see her or hear about how she is doing or anything until the evening. I used to go to the daycare at lunch to nurse, but now I literally am away from her all day. It's hard for me. I wish I could call and chat with the teachers about how her day is going, how many dirty diapers she has had, what she had for lunch, what she is doing right now...

Ok, now what's she doing?
And now?
Same thing?
Is she smiling?
What's she doing now?

Ok, I see where this could be an issue.

 It would be even better if I could text them!

Bad idea? I don't think so...


Totally Momma said...

She is just too cute! Some daycares have it where you can log on to their site and see live video of what's going on! Too bad they don't have that!!

wendy said...

Oh, man. Live video would be trouble.

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