Sunday, June 19, 2011


He always gets it right.

Well, almost always.

Best daddy in the whole wide world. Man, I picked a good one. I'm so happy that our baby girl will have everything she needs in you.

There's alot more to being a daddy than doing everything for your daughter. I mean, its a TOUGH role. Now you have 2 women to please. (And NOBODY wants those special 2 women mad at you) So at the same time he's being the best daddy in the world, he's trying to juggle being the best husband in his daddy roles. Am I making sense? It's very complicated, just ask him :)

And my daddy and Paisley's Grampy-
We love you SO much. You are so wonderful to us and we couldn't ask for more.

That hat in the corner looks familiar :) I think you just wore it the other day...

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