Tuesday, July 5, 2011

delicate balance

I love being at home.

Home with my peeps. With my babes. It’s my comfort, my place, my safe spot.

I mean, Hello!
Lately, it’s taking more and more for this mama to pack up and get out. By packing up, I mean the 87 diapers, 93 wipes, 4 toys, a change of clothes, and partridge in a pear tree.
Finding balance between taking a baby places and still getting to do things you love vs. knowing when to stay indoors and be in the comfort of your home, stress  free is necessary. I usually choose home, where if I have a screaming baby, or mama is losing her shit, we can just let it out (Not to mention I like to wear my hair in one of those floppy-top-of-the-head ponytails and my best clothes). Speaking of screaming babies...my daughter has officially thrown her first few legitimate fits. Oh yeah, like turning red and clenching fists, which is immediately subsided by a change of state. That's when you can tell they are legit; they get over it WAY too fast.

After all, this is the BABY stage. we will have plenty of time in our lives to go out and not have to change diapers and pack an "overnight" (big ass) bag for a few hour outing. But then again, at what point do you just deal with it to have a little fun?
::Cue control freakishness::
I can't stand when people take their babies out all the time after hours for their own enjoyment; "Oh, they can sleep anywhere". Ever wonder why your child is a crabby brat and doesn’t want to wake up in the morning?! On the other hand, occasionally people need to do what works for THEM and change the schedule to suit their own family's needs. I also get that.

It's a delicate balance.

Needless to say we DID NOT party into the late night hours for 4th of July. In fact, I don't think I've "partied" or even stayed awake past midnight in a looong time. Thrilling, I know. Don’t you want to hang out with me? :)
On all this balance stuff, I've been thinking of going on a trip. One that requires a plane ride. With my baby. Is that crazy? Or will it be good to get out and do things and enjoy my time, while still having my little girl by my side? The truth is, I'm not as concerned about shit-losing on Paisley's side as much as I am about mama experiencing some shit-losing. Following me? Right. I even have a wonderful friend who wants to fly together (what?) and help me out. I know. Deal of a lifetime. We'll see what my mental state is happens.


Amanda said...

Your daughter, your blog, your photos.. All gorgeous!
Following from the toddle blog hop :)

PhaseThreeOfLife said...

I have found Ryan to be very adaptable to being out in public and traveling. But I might be one of those people who takes the baby out and says he can sleep anywhere... ha. But as a newborn, he truly did! So if we wanted to go out for a pizza, we took him. We've always been the type who like to be out, even if just for a quick bite to eat, so we figured the sooner he got used to being in crowds, the better off he'd be.

We've gone on two plane trips with him so far (a necessity in our lives since we live 2,000 miles from all family - and the two families don't live near each other). It's stressful, sure. It's hard to pack, definitely. But we survived, Ryan adapted really well, and we had a great time! So, I vote that you go! Live it up! Babies are super resilient. And if she screams, she screams. She's a baby. People will be forgiving. ;)

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