Friday, July 29, 2011

all for naught

Forget anything that you so intricately planned. Pouring over every detail, adjusting everything just so. Making everything aesthetically pleasing and perfectly accessible for mom and dad.
The nursery.
I mean, really? My baby is 9 months old (ahh!) and I’m already thinking of a “big girl” room. How silly is it that a child shouldn’t be able to play in their own room? Well, with a nursery setup, it really isn’t great for ALMOST WALKING babes.
The bookshelf is the new deathtrap because it had to be at a diagonal to fill the left side of the room well. Fuggetaboutit.
The side table for the glider that had to be stylish and not too big. Now, a metal skewer for my child.

The glider that we use all the time and could never have lived without. Now a perfect
rocking boat for an unsteady baby with no fear.

Don’t even get me started on tile. I think I’m going to go to Home Depot this weekend and buy padding and a staple gun and just take care of all the walls and floors. It’s either that or another heart attack for mommy.
She doesn’t want her “baby” toys anymore. She wants to find a way to climb on the most dangerous thing she can find in my house.
I’ve been in denial for a long time that baby proofing will take over the d├ęcor in my home. Here I am staring at it face to face and I will go out kicking and screaming.


Kathryn said...

P is so darn cute...sort of makes me wish I had one...(^:

bluebell screams said...

ah, we had to rearrange our son's room when he hit this stage. as well as every other room in our house. he was (and still is) a climbing machine!

so adorable btw.

new follower from toddle along tuesday

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