Thursday, August 18, 2011

I pretend

Like I have it all together.
Little girl, you are always like this at 7am. I LOVE you.
We are up early. It’s Saturday. We have had breakfast and are going to go on a walk and mommy is going to get some exercise. I’m totally into fitness and love getting out and getting some fresh air.
Mugshot one
Truth. We are up early. It’s Saturday. We have had breakfast. Paisley threw half of it on the floor. Dad is sleeping. Hmm… going outside would be a nice distraction. DAMMIT!-Sprinklers just came on. Okay, maybe a walk. Oh gawd – I’m atrocious. I can’t leave my house like this. Hat. Sunglasses. Sportsbra. Yes. (I have to walk? Can Paisley push me? Maybe she’ll fall asleep and I can go back inside and lay on the couch and drink my coffee?)
Mugshot two
I think I’ll wear this all day. Then I’ll look like the mom who totally exercises and gets up early.

It's totally okay to pretend :)

Truth: I don’t want to wash off yesterday’s mascara. Don’t want to brush my hair.

1 comment:

Jill said...

lol, I think we all do this sometimes!

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