Monday, August 15, 2011

stuff I changed my mind about

Before I had my little Pea, I knew there were some things I wanted and some things I didn’t want. As we all know, each baby bug makes their own rules and you also learn new things when experiencing parenting that change your opinion about things and the way you use them.
I’m surprised in my actual about-face of certain items so I thought I’d list what my original thoughts were vs. my real mom experience.
originally, I thought they were kinda ugly. They were a little “hippy” for my taste.
I ordered a pair yesterday.
Result: shoes don’t stay on a crawler (duh).  Even though it’s 4000 degrees outside, sandals really aren’t working out. They just slip off her little feet every time she tries to move. I’m all for bare feet or socks, but going out and daycare kinda require a little more protection.
the PUJ was my first choice for a baby bath. Baths in the sink are too cute and plus, where do you store those beasts they call baby tubs? You have to admit they’ve pretty much turned into baby water parks! After this, we’d just move onto the big bath.
Result: even though the Puj worked great for about 3 months, Pea quickly became too big for the sink baths, but still did not have enough neck strength to use the big bath. Enter the Fisher Price Whale Tub. Perfect tub for the in between. (Yes, now we have a big ol honkin baby bathtub to store, aye!).
WHY?? I thought. I mean, cute, yeah, but what’s the point? You could also just buy pants… Result: Cute patterns, easy to put on and take off, add to any outfit, diaper change without removing pants, keep feet warm, pad crawling knees, squeeze the cute, fat part of the thigh that I like to nibble on. I’ve also been told it makes her legs look like candy (mmm…I agree!).
She’s a girl. I’m going to run with it while I can. I LOVE babies in dresses. There are endless choices in dresses. Dress, everyday, done.
Result: For little newborns, they don’t move around very well and when they do, you don’t want them getting tangled up in their clothing or getting lost in collars and lace. More form-fitting clothing is actually easier at this age. During crawling, they catch the dress under their knees and can’t move as well. Also, they usually need padding or protection for their knees, so you end up needing to put leggings underneath anyway. At walking age, we will re-evaluate the dress-wearing situation…
Again, I have a little girl. The bigger the bows, the better. Hats, too. Love them!
Result: 80% of the time she CAN’T wear them because she is at daycare and not allowed to have them on (for safety reasons), coming from daycare, or going to daycare. That leaves weekends and going places. After not too long, she was able to remove them in seconds and suck on them or throw them. That meant no headbands or hats in the car seat, and MAJOR distraction techniques for putting one on and getting it to stay there. I’m sure she’ll tolerate it someday (I HOPE!)
Bras, camis, shirts, special (and scary-looking!) no-hands pumping bras. I didn’t want to spend the money on specialized clothing, look like a pilgrim mother, or really, feel like a milk dispenser. I was excited to get back into my more “normal” clothing.
Result: I really wish I would have had more of these contraptions during this time to make things easier for myself. Next time. :)

photo credit: one.two.three.four.five.six.


Kelley, Brendan and Baby Brix said...

Love this post! I, too, changed my mind about a lot of stuff after having my baby. Like I thought having a boy would be the worst thing in the world! Ha ha! I was so wrong!

New follower from TAT :-)

Sarah said...

Thanks for the great post, I'll be sure to keep this in mind if I ever have a baby girl! I'm so clueless!

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