Saturday, December 24, 2011

winter days

The heat is on. The push to do it. I’m the new magic-maker, tradition-creator, the thud on the roof, the leave cookies for Santa starter. I’m kinda getting some slack cut for me this year, though- because she doesn’t really get it yet.
But next year, I better be on my A game.
I have a plan to purchase some fab stockings the day after Christmas this year. Ones that we will hang by the fire with care. Advent calendar? There are so many great ideas out there. This year, though – the Christmas jammies are washed and ready to wear.
Until Santa comes, we are enjoying the tree, bundling up, and sending holiday wishes to relatives and friends afar. It’s been busy and hurried. Exciting, and always a little hushed at times. We know better when to ask questions and when not to.
My baby is to the age where she wants to be FREE. To wander, touch things, and just let go of mama’s finger for a few seconds longer than the last time. IMG_6979
If we didn’t live on a drag strip through street, I’d be a little more relaxed. IMG_7020IMG_7015
But we generally have to take a side street to even get feet in between us. She’s my girl, I just can’t help it.

We’ve added a few new words this week, including whoa, wow, yeah, and k. The real good part is the the little head shake that comes with the “yeah” and “k”.
Hey Paisley- do you want a snack?
[quick nod] “Yeah.”
Excuse me…do I have a teenager?

Treasured in our house. A freshly bathed baby girl brings us books from her shelf. For a few moments, the tireless toddler sits calmly, cuddly on your lap. Watches your mouth as you read, and points at the pictures with you. It’s heaven.
Today there are last-minute ends to tie up, dinner with family, and the anticipation of hearing the “thud” on the roof.

Merry Christmas.

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Jen + Jeff said...

Your photos are beautiful! I love having a toddler, it is so much fun to watch them explore:)

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