Monday, December 5, 2011

matter of perspective

The other day, I had woken up numerous times to the wind pelting my house along with rocks, leaves whatever else was floating around. It was so grey out that the mountains were no longer visible and the breeze when you walked outside was bone-chilling.

But instead, I felt a little happy when I got to put my girl's extra warm hat on her. The way it smooshes her cheeks in and she doesn't rip it off anymore. Sometimes I grab the ear flaps and kiss her so she can't escape.


On the way to work, I noticed the traffic was especially backed up. So I pumped the heater and turned on the classic Christmas tunes. My girl turned her head to the left (as she does every morning) to wait for the rising sun to shine into the back window. Little did she know it wasn't coming. Instead, she giggled and chatted with herself  back there while we waited.


The day required a hot drink (and delivered one to mom in her office!) from Starbucks. That'll do it.

Upon standing in her office, I reached in my pocket and pulled out a wayward binky. Oh, my girl. The little reminders that make me smile.


As I entered work, the guard stood out in the frigid cold waving me through. I made sure to thank him for standing out there all day for us. Do you know what he said?

"Oh, my pleasure!"

Wow. We need more people like that.


Soon, one of those days was more like one of those chilly December days that you crave all summer long.


I want that, over there. Stat.

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