Sunday, March 11, 2012

instagram sunday





Full moon from my front door. Pea can spot the moon and starts yelling “MOO, MOO!”, even when it’s really the sun in the morning. So adorable.


Found a new way to get the evening dishes done. Let her have one side of the sink with plastics, he loads the rest in the dishwasher. Why didn’t we think of this sooner?




Friday morning was rough.


I decided to perk it up and push through with happy colors and prints.




On a walk when we got home Friday. It was so beautiful out.


These two are so precious. I want to squeeze both!




We are trucking our way through the escrow process. So far, so good!


Favorite (and most comfortable) outfit of the week.




I missed my girl so much this week, I went to go visit her at school. This is her washing her hands at the (adorable) tiny sinks after lunch.


So grown up!




My FAVORITES together for Pizza.


I think we aim to make something from Pioneer Woman every week. It will surely lead to my demise.




All day long I am reminded of how mature my baby is getting. She even says “blehb oo” when we sneeze. But when she falls asleep, she is back to a sweet, innocent cuddly baby again.


See what I mean?

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