Saturday, March 17, 2012



I’m a morning lounger. When I wake up, the ideal picture of my morning would include Madeline Peyroux playing softly, eating breakfast and sipping on coffee slowly, and preferably all of this would happen on the patio. Mornings are my favorite, and I feel like I can base the entire day on my morning experience. I don’t like to get dressed or get a shower until I have done the appropriate amount of all of the above.


Update: Immediately after I typed this paragraph, I dropped a fully cup of coffee on the kitchen tile, the refrigerator, cabinets, stove. The cup broke. It was my beloved Fort Worth. Remember Fort Worth?


Paisley came in and followed it up with an “uh-oh!” as she ran in from the other room. I’m going  to look at that as ‘an opportunity to deep clean those areas before we move’. So there, it isn’t going to determine my day. Boom.'


This morning, I woke up hoping to slip a few alone moments in before my baby girl started cooing from the bedroom. I did, even though it was only a few moments.



Good morning, sun.


Last night it got warm enough to sleep with the window open…this morning I am paying with a touch of allergies.


My baby is noticing the time change, too. On Tuesday, she woke up and pointed to the dark window (which is usually light) and said “Moon!”. I said, That’s right! It looks like it’s still nighttime. She followed that day up with a shorter nap at daycare and an epic toddler tantrum in the evening in which she screeched like a pterodactyl (you know the one) every time we got near her to give her a bath, change her diaper, clothes, wipe her face, etc. Terrible twos have begun early for sure.



Don’t let her fool you with this sweet face.


More packing to do. More things to clean, more tantrums to subdue.



Kelley, Brendan and Baby Brix said...

I'm the same with my mornings. It takes me about 1-1.5 hours to actually start my day. Coffee comes first..and I love Madeline P.!

Colleen said...

I too love the mornings- sitting outside enjoying the peace watching the sun come up with a good cup of coffee is just the best!

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