Thursday, April 19, 2012

Egg hunt at school and an awesome photo



She loves her school. We love her school. We decided to join her in her first-ever Easter Egg hunt. It went great and she took the reigns immediately wondering why I was trying to steal her basket. She showed us the slide and walked around acting shy. Inside some of the eggs were jelly beans. 

Can I just ask this: do parents of 18 month olds really give their kids jellybeans?? Paisley had like 4 halves of molars. And she’s never had candy. Gummy or chewy candy really does not seem like it’d be easy for them.

Maybe I’m the weird one?



At the end it was like ‘Oh, we’ve been having such a fun time here and she’s had pictures with everyone else…how about ONE picture with mommy and daddy?’

This is what I get.



I’m calling this experience, this face, and this photo awesome because this shit always happens when you want things to go right.


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