Friday, April 13, 2012

let’s catch up


I think the best way to snapshot the past …er…um…month(?) would be instagram, of course! But I do have lots of real photos I’d like to share, too.


We moved and Paisley’s original little-baby-nursery-in-our-hearts-forever-spent so many nights rocking her became white again (boo-hoo!)



Then we toasted on the empty floor of the new house




I am so enamored with my new calm place. I never have had a master bedroom that I wanted to spend any time in. Even though this area doesn’t even have anything on the walls yet, it just feels so relaxing and so right.




I got out my Barbie box and let Pea play around in it. I still don’t think she’s old enough, but it was fun to see her playing with my childhood toys :)




We went down for the consultation for ear tubes. It went well, the Dr. told us everything we had already heard about the condition of her ears and told us that she was a candidate. Now to get everything in line for the surgery (Surgery and MY girl in the same sentence is just not comforting!)




My little girl and her new embarrased act. She tugs on here shirt, her head sinks into her neck for an immediate double chin and she tries to turn away. Omg.




Her magic shoes. Generally, when I put new shoes on this kid, she limps about and moans and cries and acts like I have just amputated her feet. I will usually try to do something to redirect her attention and she breaks them in and they are fine. Since we were actually in Target to buy these (which I generally have to ORDER them online and send them back argh!), I decided to try them on right there. Once I put them on, the girl zipped up and down the isles and was bouncing around happily while saying shoe, schoo, shooo!!! I took one look at Andrew and said we are SO buying these. He agreed.




When Andrew and I are home with no Pea, we do naughty things.




Like eat unauthorized foods. It’s wild.


Do a scarf swap with your friend or your mama or your sister. It’s awesome. It’s like having a new wardrobe on rotation. When you get your actual scarfs back, it’s like an old friend!




My new closet is HUGE!! I’m loving organizing it.




Be back for more on St. Patty’s day (I’m serious), Egg hunts, and baby booty cuteness.

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