Tuesday, April 17, 2012

mom tip: you will thank me for this later



Paisley is newly obsessed with opposites and doing things on her own. Every light switch we pass while walking through the house; “ohn, ohn, ohhn”. Every door, cabinet, drawer, lotion, bottle; “opu, opu!”. One of the things she recently learned is off. The second I get those snaps done on her little jacket, she looks at me and pulls her jacket open, unsnapping every single one. Then she takes it off and throws it in the dirt.





I saw this at daycare (on another child) and asked about it. I was like ohhhhhh! Not a few days later, my little Houdini was doing it as well.




Enter wear-your-clothes-backward.

I know, easy. Smart. Also known as toddler straight jacket. But lemme tell you, she kept it on.


He he he.


Kelley, Brendan and Baby Brix said...

Love it!! Thanks for the tip!

Jen + Jeff said...


Phase Three of Life said...

ha! If only I could do this with Ryan's shoes...

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