Tuesday, September 25, 2012

flowers, fall, and mama love


How does you garden grow?

We have planted 3 plants now in the back with about 543 to go. It will be a fun process to see how our backyard becomes full of life from the desolate dirt field it started out as. We have learned that when plants say “full sun”, they mean full San Diego sun, full Santa Barbara sun. Not full Sahara Desert sun. Which is what they get here. Which can be a problem. I’ve heard Lantana does well here. So, here we go.


Forcing fall.

C’mon. Every year, we fake fall. We pretend that there are orange leaves and a chill in the air. We pretend that it’s cool enough to bake special treats and sometimes, only sometimes, I put on closed-toe shoes and a cardigan until I become a melty, sweaty mess and revert back to the truth. Because in between the beach sandals and snow boots is something oh so lovely. We will pretend.


Make this recipe and die happy.



translation: play.

Toys. My girl doesn’t really play with them. She will read books or do a puzzle over just about anything. Ride on toys, things that flash, things that sing, oh- and that Speak and Say that EVERY kid loves? She hasn’t touched it more than 5 times since I bought it, even with some encouraging from me. So as many times a day that she pulls our finger into her room to play. “Play” is a funny word. She really just wants you to sit in her room and watch her read and do puzzles or take every toy out of the basket and tell you a sentence about it.


Mama love.

The spree continues. Mama gets to rock her to sleep at night, she kisses my ears (so cute), and comes to me when she needs extra dramatic sympathy for a non-existent problem. I will continue to soak in being the “one” and know my time may be fleeting.


Ambitious for a Tuesday, right? Only took me two full days to compose. Now, to finish my week feeling like I did something. :)


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