Saturday, September 22, 2012

go-go chocolate


We haven’t been doing anything new or exciting. I haven’t even had enough creative thought to put a few words on here lately. I think I’m just going to go with whatever comes out, whether it makes sense or not. It’s good for me to chronicle our little life, even if it’s nothing amazing.

We planted a few flowers in the back yard. By the time we get around to the garden, it’ll probably be 30 degrees outside. I should say Andrew planted flowers in the backyard because I did nothing but help pick them out. I am also mentally preparing myself for what’s about to come; October. Which means my baby’s second birthday. Oh my goodness. We’ve now been in our “new” house for almost 6 months. Geez, where did that time go? We love every bit of it, and I wish that I could get everything up on the walls, curtains hung, house furnished, but it is a snail’s pace process that keeps me antsy. I have a feeling once I make my first trip to HomeGoods, my house will be on it’s way. Better start saving now. 

Everyone in the family knows what chocolate go-go is. Or go-go chocolate. It’s chocolate ice cream, of course. Or vanilla ice cream with chocolate syrup. I guess she assumes since its cold and it tastes good, it must be yogurt (go-go). We rotate between this and Oreo cookies as a favorite in our house. And let me tell you- the sugar high is almost instant, sending her bouncing in her high chair and flinging things all over the place within moments of consumption.




As you can see, she has no help from Daddy following her best table manners…oh how I love these two!!

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