Tuesday, October 23, 2012

We go to bed at eight thirty


Eight thirty (seven thirty last night) is just enough time to get comfortable on the couch after putting Miss Pea to bed, firing up the DVR, and possibly having a bowl of cereal before both Andrew and I are comatose on the couch.

I have been here, but not here. In a way, for me, busy-ness=creativity. I have taken SO many photos in the past few weeks, thought so many thoughts, written so many posts (in my head) and it just never has come to fruition because we have been busy. I love this busy-ness that comes with the month of October. We have been to the pumpkin patch, celebrated a little girl’s birthday in many ways, we have been dancing in the kitchen, we have been spending time with cousins, and we have been smooching grandparents. Living life. It’s documenting that little life that has fallen behind in the past few weeks. That’s okay, goodies ahead.

Normally, it would be normal (and expected) to assume that I am putting off Pea’s birthday acknowledgement/celebration/photos because I am in utter denial and I am crying in the corner. Actually, I feel terrible that I will have to show off the party late and have yet to even take her two year old pictures ::hangs head::. We shall have another busy weekend.


Isn’t this sunflower beautiful? I took this photo at the pumpkin patch a few weekends ago.

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