Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Instagram-and a few words

I am obviously just humping by, getting these photos posted before there is an instagram explosion and I can’t even remember what photos I did share and did not because it was so long ago. Tonight is preparation of candy bags, potluck food, and Miss Pea’s costume for school tomorrow.

I am sitting on my lunch hour eating eggs and jelly biscuits (I have shared my obsession with eating breakfast foods) and thinking how I should never EVER buy off brand cinnamon rolls or biscuits again. I’m also thinking about this morning’s tantrum and how my TWO YEAR OLD has decided that it’s a personal injustice that she has to wear pants or shoes on a daily basis to school. I’m sorry Paisley, I did not mean to purchase the pants with razor blades inside them. I’ll re-think that next time.


Spaghetti is her favorite!


Reading the voter’s guide. Smart girl.


A walk!


She had her first visit to the fire station. It is reported that when the firefighter put on his entire suit, she ran out screaming.


Fall weather=roast and potatoes (but it had us tricked on that day)


Picking her (warty) pumpkin


Mama’s day out. Went shopping ALL DAY!


Decorating our pumpkins!


He asked me on a date night. I had a margarita. We went to Open Mic Night. It was fun.


Our 2012 pumpkin line up: Easiest face I could find(mom), little “P” (Paisley), batman (daddy)

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