Saturday, January 12, 2013

the moon is far away


On Monday, I picked up my girl from school and she said "the moon is BIG" and "the moon is far away!". That girl has been listening. She has been enjoying story time, her classroom, and her teachers. I love it when she comes home from school and has soaked it in like a big, empty sponge. I love her face after she makes the proclamation, so proud, so embarrassed.

A few other gems this week include her standing up in the middle of watching the movie Tangled and proclaiming "I AM THE LOST PRINCESS!" of course, in her toddler accent.

Andrew and I TRYING to have a conversation: "GUYS! DISTEN!" (listen).

We also had her parent teacher conference this week and found out she knows the schedule by heart, makes a fuss if it is not followed, and sets the napkins out for snack time (without being asked) and calls everyone over to eat. She also tells her friends (and the teachers :-/) where and when to sit down, be quiet, and eat. Oh lawdy!

She speaks up when I turn the "wrong" way out of daycare (we normally turn a certain way, sometimes I take a different way home), when I forget her Claritin, her jacket, or her glasses.
This little girl has be reigned in from trying to be in charge!

Additionally, I have NO idea where she gets this schedule-driven, type-A personality!

No idea.

Not one.


1 comment:

kathryn said...

So hearing how she is changing...think you may have your hands full!

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