Sunday, January 6, 2013

the last of Christmas and spending the weekend with my girl

The long weekend has been devoted to getting all the Christmas stuff out of the house, decluttering, cleaning, and spending at home time with my girl. Andy has finally gotten to have some garage time with his new table saw, new drill, and some music and I think he is enjoying himself a little too much out there. I’m glad he is getting some practice in the garage with shelves, because my shoes are going to need a place to live pretty soon here :)

My baby has taken some really long naps this weekend, which have completely stopped his drilling and sawing cold for multiple hours a day. Such a good hunny to let the baby sleep just when the project is getting interesting! And an even better hunny because right now (during the playoff game), he is grocery shopping. Wow, he loves me.

Anyhoo, I’m trying to get these Christmas pictures up before they get lost in everything else…I took engagement pics of my brother and his wife this weekend and I’m SO excited about them. I will share them…I have taken photos for a few people over the past few months, but decided not to share them here, since it’s not relative to my family. But these…ohhh I can’t wait! Now they have gone home and I am seriously missing family time, good food, and a full house :-(

IMG_3557IMG_3566IMG_3570IMG_3571IMG_3575IMG_3580IMG_3576IMG_3583IMG_3585IMG_3590IMG_3592IMG_3593IMG_3421IMG_3595IMG_3425IMG_3433IMG_3422IMG_3426IMG_3607 copy

Sorry for some of the CRAPtastic photos…I clearly hate shooting in low light.


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