Monday, January 7, 2013

2013, here we come!



Like I said, I was pretty sad when this weekend started and there was no more family dinners and no more warm fires and full houses.  We celebrated the new year by eating junk, playing games, and enjoying each other’s last few days together.

I guess I don’t REALLY make resolutions, but more like thoughts in my head about things I’d like to do this coming year. For me, it’s more like in the next 6 months, because that is about as far as my little brain can handle. And the other thing is, I don’t like to to share them. I hate it when people are like “today starts my diet!” or announcing all the things that they are giving up at the new year and walking into the next few months of misery because they can’t have soda anymore. Some of mine are family related, money related, health related, just personal and I feel good about them. You won’t know if I’ve reached them because you won’t know I set them. :)

I do, however think it’s a great time to look inward and also to reflect on accomplishments, and ask yourself if you like where your life is headed. Do you like where your life is headed? I like mine. I LOVE mine. I also love that there are some big parts to my story that I don’t know yet. And that is so scary and exciting at the same time.


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