Monday, March 11, 2013

toddler emotions: I can’t keep up



Daily life with a toddler is like being at a circus…it can be good, bad, and everything in between over the course of five minutes. We’ve definitely gotten much better at our reactions during our learning experience as parents (ie: don’t respond every time- that’s a hard one!). We have learned to embrace and laugh with her changing emotions as she grows. Last night in a bought of tiredness, I heard her come screaming “the scream”, you know, the death scream while running to me. I asked Andrew what had happened to her and he said that he had taken out her barrette from her hair. Um, what? Yeah, apparently the end of the world.  She has been doing her “I want to cry on Mommy” for a few months now, where she is essentially done crying for whatever reason, asks to cry on me, and then fake cries on my shoulder while I cuddle and reassure her. In a few years, she won’t want to do that, so I’m soaking up the pitiful behavior now.

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