Saturday, March 9, 2013

my little scooter girl



pointing out every airplaneIMG_7771IMG_7778

I could not believe the first time I saw my girl ride her “shooter”. I mean, she just zooms along with ease and has such good balance. She can go really fast on it and one of my favorites is the photo of her getting low on it, she does that when she pumps her little leg to go fast. This was a Christmas gift from Mamu and she pretty much knew how to use it right out of the box. It’s crazy to think that we’ve pretty much graduated from “rides” in the stroller or wagon to now walks or her riding her scooter. She really just wants to be free! Good thing I have my cutie husband that will follow her around and play ball with her and let her run wild under his watch. :)

I’ve treated the laundry like a triage situation for the past three weeks, just grabbing whatever we absolutely needed to put on our bodies to get to work and washing a baby load here and there. It’s now amounted to a monumental pile of this-is-going-to-take-three-days-to-do. Problem there is I only have two days… make that one unless I get off the couch now. 


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